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Creating Unattended Answer Files with SDE 1.1.1920

Posted by Devon (Prowess), 17 March 2011 · 844 views

SmartDeploy 1.1.1920 introduced a new feature that allows the user to create an automated answer file with ease. In this short blog Iím going to explain how this new feature works.

1. Boot to SmartPE and select Deploy an image.
2. Select Next to proceed to the Welcome to the Deploy Wizard page.
3. Proceed through the Deploy Wizard as you normally would, and proceed to the Summary page.

Posted Image

4. To create an unattended installation, please check For use as an unattended installation. This option attaches the <deploy_wizard mode="Unattended"> tag in your answer file so you do not have to manually edit your answer files anymore for unattended installs. Quick and easy!
5. Select Export and save your answer file.
6. Open SmartDeployís Media Wizard and proceed to the Optional Components page.
7. Browse to your unattended answer file that you saved in the above steps.

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8. Complete the Media Wizard as you normally would, and create your media.
9. Boot from your newly created media and you will notice a countdown. Once this countdown is done, your unattended install will start.

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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. You can download SmartDeploy here.

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