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Part 3: SmartDeploy Enterprise with User State Migration Tool

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Create SmartPE Boot Media Cont.


  1. On the Media Type page, select the media type for the ISO image file. For this example, make sure that CD / DVD disc and CD 74min 650MB are selected to create a bootable disc, and then click Next.
  2. On the Save Options page, type the path and name of the ISO image file. For this example, type: E:\SDE\SmartPE.iso and select Next.
  3. To create the media and close the wizard, click Finish.
  4. Wait while the custom SmartPE ISO image file is created.
  5. Click OK.


Boot your Target Computer to SmartPE, Run ScanState and Deploy Image

Next, you will boot the target computer using the boot media that was previously created. After the machine is booted to SmartPE we will create tasks to run at various phases of the deployment. Once the tasks are created we can complete the deployment by selecting an image and entering all needed information.


  1. Boot your target computer to SmartPE. For this example we are using a virtual machine with the SmartPE.iso file attached, please modify accordingly to fit your needs. Select Deploy an image to start Deploy Wizard.
  2. On the Welcome to the Deploy Wizard page, click Advanced.
  3. From the Advanced Options page, click the Tasks tab.
  4. On the tasks tab select Add to add a new task.
  5. On the Add / edit a task page you can specify a command and the phase of the deployment in which it should run. This offers the flexibility to complete administrative task such as installing software that is not included in the image being deployed.
    For this example ensure the Phase is Before image is applied. Change the Command line to %SmartDeploy_Media%\z\USMT\USMT.BAT and select OK.


Please continue to part 4

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