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SmartDeploy Enterprise 1.1.1910 - Bug Fixes

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Now that the latest version of SmartDeploy Enterprise has been release I want to take some time and talk about a few of the bugs that have been addressed in this version. Below you will find a list of bugs, a brief description and the action that was taken. In addition to the bug fixes below version 1910 also underwent a major update from a boot media perspective. Allen talks more about this update in his blog titled SmartDeploy 1.1.1910 Platform Pack Information.

  1. Media Wizard Error 76 "Path Not Found": When you create deployment media using Media Wizard from a user account that is 16 or more characters in length you will receive an error stating the path is not found. This was due to path lengths in one of the command calls.
  2. Setting a Static IP from SmartPE: It was found that when entering a number over 232 in the first octet of the Subnet mask you would receive an invalid subnet error. The input restraints for this field have been updated.
  3. "Unable to deploy to the volume containing the virtual reference machine." Error When Deploying from USB HDD: This condition exists when the target device has an unformatted hard drive and the image file being used resides on the volume labeled c:. Essentially a check to ensure an image cannot be applied to the disk in which it resides is unexpectedly triggered. This behavior has been update in 1910.
  4. Error Joining a Domain with Hyphens: When joining a domain that contains a hyphen an error will be returned stating "Please enter a valid domain name". This check has been updated to include a hyphen as a valid domain character.
  5. Joining a Domain from a Client with a Static IP: When specifying a static IP and domain from Deploy Wizard the target will not be joined to the domain during the deployment process. This is due to the domain join process taking place before the static IP has been set. This behavior has been updated in 1910 and the static IP will now fully apply before the domain join process can start.

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