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SmartDeploy 1.1.1920

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Allen Marsh


Here is a list of some of the changes and enhancements in the SmartDeploy 1.1.1920 release.

1803: Ensured all Deploy Wizard, Advanced Options, System Properties work properly.


1812: Allow for multiple Domain's & OU's in answer files

1813: Fixed crash when selecting an image file for deployment that was being copied to

1819: Added messaging if attempting to capture Virtual Box with guest additions installed

1849: Fixed post image task pointing to a missing file causes error

1815: Provide better driver injection status during deployment

1836: Enhanced error messaging when handling corrupt platform packs

1858: Fixed first logon task not running on Windows XP in certain scenarios

1837: Resolved warm capture not working with certain partition layouts

1844: Resolved program self-repairing under certain conditions

1817: Resolved License Wizard false expiration errors in certain conditions

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