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SmartDeploy Version 1.1.1950 Now Available

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SmartDeploy Version 1.1.1950 is now available for download from SmartDeploy.com. The new release contains some customer bug fixes as well as a new Capture Wizard that is developed in Silverlight.

Some notable fixes are listed below:

Media Wizard - Update to how USB media is built. As an initial requirement for the Media Wizard we made the product to be nondestructive when using USB media. This was mainly to protect user data in the event that the wrong USB drive was used. This behavior has changed with the new release of SmartDeploy. If the USB device that boot media is being created on is not formatted NTFS the user will be warned that it will be formatted, if they continue it will be formatted as NTFS. Media Wizard will now also check the current state of the USB device to ensure that the partition containing SmartPE is set to active. This will help to resolve issues where USB media will not boot.

Capture Wizard - Capturing a virtual hard disk with a Raw volume. Previously if the Capture Wizard detected a Raw volume on the virtual disk it would present an error and exit. The behavior in this release is to grey out the Raw volume allowing the user to capture any properly formatted partitions that may have an operating system install.

Deploy Wizard - WDS Multicast Deployment. Previously an attended answer file would not automatically populate the WDS credentials for multicast. This has been changed and the credentials will automatically be filled.

Deploy Wizard - Deploying Wipe and Load to a BitLocker encrypted disk. When deploying an image with Wipe and Load to a disk that is encrypted with BitLocker (protection suspended) the deployment would fail with a BCD error. A task is now run after sysprep is kicked off that will update the BCD to work correctly with BitLocker deployments.

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