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Additional Regional Setting Support

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In SmartDeploy Version 1.1.1980 we have added additional regional setting support to the Language/Culture drop down in the Deploy Wizard, as well as an advanced answer file change for more granular control.

Additional Language/Culture Listings:

In previous versions of SmartDeploy we only had Language/Culture support for the main language packs and language interface packs offered by Microsoft. This led to some confusion when wanting to use a specific language, say English, with a standard locale, like United Kingdom. In version 1980 you will now see a more comprehensive list of Language/Culture pairings when deploying languages. You can find a full list of Language/Culture pairings here.

Custom Language/Culture Support:

We have also added a new section to the SmartDeploy answer file that will give you the option to specify a custom set of UI Language, System Locale, User Locale, and Input Locale much like you would see in the unattend.xml that is created from Windows System Image Manager. This obviously requires the use of an answer file during deployment. The additional settings will give users the ability to specify any standard locale code (i.e. en-US, 0409, or English (United States)) for any of the four options above. To use this setting you will need to edit the SmartDeploy.xml answer file that is being used with deployment. Examples below.

Standard regional settings in answer file:


			<time_zone>(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)</time_zone>
			<input_locale>English (United States)</input_locale>


Extended regional settings in answer file:


			<time_zone>(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)</time_zone>


As you can see you will need to add nested nodes for each of the four regional settings under the default <input_locale> node. This will cause the Deploy Wizard to use what is entered in the answer file rather than a standard region that is defined in the wizard itself.

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