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  3. This is still hurting, and I can't deploy any fully-functional Win10 machines at the mo. I have upgraded to SDE 2.0.2080 without change. I have created a new reference Build 1703 VM without network support (so it can't update anything) - it runs calc.exe just fine, but machines deployed from this VM show the same problem. I'm starting to suspect that I'm doing something wrong but can't for the life of me work out what (and we have been using SDE since March 2012). Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,
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  5. Thats a good point, yeah you will have to make your differencing image again if you modify the master wim
  6. My test failed - SD came back unable to find wim. So, basically it only takes the "differences" from then creates the file. This makes it useless for me if you have to recut the dwm everytime there is a change to the original, plus to make edits to the machine where the dwm was cut - might as well just keep it as a standard image for me - this is been my impression so far. On the upside, I just worked through my issues on my push install from client - couldn't tell if it was on the SD side or my answer key - the package wasn't being dropped, when I try to edit it defaults to D. I still get a warning box from the deploy page but it goes through ok, package and all. Yeah, we have to do adobe too, but we don't control our destiny - which is such a headache because we have no control over how the packages are created or when they will be updated. Also I see another password cluster**** down the line, with 365 - everyone came to us and said "don't you know my password?" with all the iterations I believe they will associate with old forgotten 365 passwords and - de ja vu. At least with 365 we had access to central management, not for us with Adobe.
  7. I am trying to use it right now for the purpose of have a base image that is updated and deploys everywhere, but a differencing image that has adobe cloud creative suite apps installed., which would take the techs a long time to do after imaging, and the way our license is we only want to use it on a couple of labs at each site.
  8. Would be interesting to try, but doesn't seem practical. Seems you lose your indices either after setup or during capture - and it seems logical to lose your "baseplate" once you've authored significant changes to the OS (software and updates) - don't think there's a "real" way to make changes and put them back in, just minor stuff - (I think). SmartDeploy has been my sliced bread in this endeavor. But if you append to the wim (If you really, really, really had to) and refer back to the separate indicies, that would be interesting to know "what works". Re: bluescreens, finally fought through my BSOD on a HP built OEM disc, switched to volume license - newer Dells didn't care these older Optiplexs did. Rebuilt on proper media, "seems" to have fixed the issue Tried to find the best possible thread title to ask general questions about answer files: Would like to suggest a few changes, I would like to name machines by serial number, this actually means something to me (even though name will change) and I can do something with, replace WMI query AssetTag: SELECT SMBIOS.SerialNumber FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure SELECT SerialNumber FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure I prefer offline deployments - no dependencies and I can do them anywhere - however they are difficult to troubleshoot when bad media is involved. I noticed today I was having trouble with boot media, packages were not being installed on boot media (first selection). The option is available, but nothing is ever loaded (unless I choose offline boot media). When I opened up the xml I noticed this: <platform_pack>[ImageFolder]</platform_pack> This simply wont do - you are forced to enter network credentials in the Answer File wizard to map to the drive. Now if the image folder is on the network - you have to dump all your packages up there with your wim (which may be fine) - but for offline media - why not put it here where it fits the model: <platform_pack>[AnswerFolder]\z\</platform_pack> I don't like that sometimes my spanned wims are getting messed up. I find a lot of times it's because of the media, for UEFI boots (swm creation) is it possible to add a check integrity process? I'm assuming its doing a dism mount then splitting the wim Thanks
  9. I always kind of stayed away from this - kind of viewed it as a definitive demarcation point. ie - since I'm always getting updates I have to keep my base image fresh and I rather clone and setup (and update clones if need be) rather than make use of them - I see it as just another possible fail point. (If you have the space, why bother) I like the idea though, because if it were reliable then I only have to update one machine and the all the others that have different software setups would benefit from those updates, theory goes. What would help, is an explanation of how dwm works (the technical) in SmartDeploy, can you use them WDS? Would like to know how that works, thanks
  10. turned out the platform pack was corrupt and deleted and re-downloaded it and it is working now
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I will forward this thread to the dev team. I know we have a lot on the road map, but we can see what we can do. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  12. Hi, I am happy with smartdeploy so far, great tool. I have a couple of enhancement and features requests as i am sure others do as well. 1. To be able to change an image description after capture 2. to be able to use the drop down menu in the deploy wizard for differencing images of the same image. 3. wim to vmdk conversion tool. 4. operate deploy wizard without mouse 5. Advanced custom tasks per image 6. Centralized Technician Console on a server, and a client to connect to it from workstation. (makes it easier for multiple techs to use) If I think of some more I will add them inline.
  13. When deploy a differencing image shouldnt that be selectedable from the Image name: drop down menu?, what is the purpose of the drop down menu if it only has one thing in it?
  14. Hi all, Quick update on this - we have confirmed that Disk Cleanup removes the C:\Windows\Panther folder, which (in the current SmartDeploy version, 2.0.2080) causes Deploy Wizard to fail to create the Windows Unattend.xml file in that location, which causes Sysprep and deployment to fail. The key indicator that you've experienced this issue is - if you use the Collect Logs function in SmartDeploy PE, there is no [OS-drive]:\Windows\Panther directory included. Apologies for the inconvenience; this will be fixed in the next SmartDeploy version (release date TBA, but it should be soon). In the meantime, the easiest workaround for this would be to power on your reference VM, browse to the C:\Windows directory, and create a new folder called Panther. Then recapture and redeploy. If you'd prefer not to recapture your image, you can use our smartwim command line tool to mount your existing image file offline and add this folder - email us at support (at) if you'd prefer to go that route, and we can send you instructions. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  15. Hello all, We've received several reports about this issue, and are currently investigating it internally. The common thread so far seems to be that users have upgraded their reference VMs from a previous Windows 10 version to 1703, then run Disk Cleanup. We're testing to reproduce the issue internally, and should hopefully have a fix available soon. In the meantime, if anyone runs into this issue, please email us at support (at), and reference this thread. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  16. I am also having trouble using smart deploy on a latitude 7480, one smart deploy boots in legacy mode from pxe, i cannot select anything and there is no mouse control
  17. Building a new reference machine from scratch instead of upgrading the existing one was my work-around for this. Couldn't get the original to work.
  18. I have been having the same issue as well. Please let me know what the resolution is. Thanks
  19. Logs sent, thanks.
  20. Hello, We will need some logs to investigate further. Restart the machine back into the SmartDeploy boot environment and click Collect Logs. Save that zip file to a USB/Network share and send it to support @ smartdeploy .com and reference this thread. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  21. Running SmartDeploy version 2.0.2080 Windows 10 version 1703 The reference machine was upgraded to the Creators Update and recaptured. Now, every time I try to deploy an image I receive the following error: "A fatal error has occurred while trying to sysprep the" Error message just ends, like the graphics driver isn't loaded properly and it can't display the entire message. The machine will reboot and attempt to logon, then locks up with a black screen.
  22. Hello, Setting a static IP is a standard option in Deploy Wizard (and can be automated with the use of an answer file, although it is typically a manual step, as the static IP address would typically vary between target devices). No advance preparation needs to be done to the VM prior to capture, as this is a setting that is applied per target device. However, if you're performing a network-based deployment, you would also need to set a static IP address in the SmartDeploy WindowsPE environment, which can be done via the Settings option on the SmartDeploy splash screen. If you have any further questions on this setup, please feel free to email us at support (at), and be sure to reference this thread. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  23. Is there anything special I need to do when creating a image to deploy over the network using a static environment? Could someone explain the steps in the image capture, build and deploy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  24. Ok so i was able to update smart deploy, re capture, recreate my boot media and import into WDS. I now receive an error stating that "the platform pack location does not contain support for this computer manufacturer, model and operating system." I have been deploying these machines over the last month with no issues regarding platform packs. Kinda not a good place to be when you have to image 18+ machines before the end of the week.
  25. Hi GCW, Here's a list of ports we use, if you'd like to monitor those and confirm the traffic is coming from our services. TCP 80 - HTTP TCP 443 - HTTPS TCP 8732 - ConsoleServiceWCF TCP 8733 - ClientServiceWCF TCP 8734 - ConsoleServiceSLWCF TCP 8735 - ConsoleServiceMCWCF If you're seeing what seems to be an unusual level of traffic on these ports, go ahead and reach out to us via email, and we can troubleshoot in more detail. support (at) Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  26. Only thing plugged in is a keyboard and mouse. I will try a reboot with no devices plugged in. My smartdeploy app is version 2.0.2050 I am going to try updating to 2.0.2080 and recapturing again.
  27. We have seen this issue with some machines if there is any USB devices connected after the first restart (When the Deploy Wizard finishes). If you haven't already, try removing any USB storage devices from the target machine after the Deploy Wizard finishes and let us know your results. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  28. Im having a bit of a strange issue on a new image i am rolling out. After smart deploy finishes its deployment, windows displays a "Just A Moment" message as if it is finishing updates. I let a machine run for about 2 hours yesterday and nothing changed. I tried again this morning with a fresh capture and Media, but the issue still persists. Has anyone else ran into issues with deployments since the creator update recently? Background information: The image is a windows 10 post windows creator update deployed with WDS. I copied the VM from an existing image and made a few changes and ran updates. I rebooted and checked for updates a few times to make sure that the VM has no pending updates and is ready to be captured. I have captured the machine 4 times so far using smartdeploy bootable media and the normal smartdeploy application capture mode. The only difference between the new and old images is windows updates. Any idesas? Thanks
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