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  2. Hi vlee14, If I understand correctly, you're looking for a real-time status indicator on the console? This is a bit tricky to engineer, since the USMT Scanstate and Loadstate processes are essentially just copying files per-user profile, but they don't output any sort of overall percentage that we could capture and provide as feedback within the UI. We can detect when it starts, and detect when it completes - and that information is reflected via that icon in the console. That said, if you have any feedback about this aspect of the UI, please feel free to submit it - we're always looking to improve the usability of the product, and we appreciate all user feedback. You can send this to feedback (at) smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  3. Hello. Been working with user state migration on and off for some time now. Ir we able to get real time status when capturing or deploying? All I see is an icon indicating current state and once the process is done the icon goes away. Thanks.
  4. Imaged our initial batch of machines tonight. Approximately 40. The ISO image can get to computers however it’s not joining them to the domain via Smart Deploy’s task. Package built via Smart Deploy to install ConnectWise Automate agents but it’s failing (both after completing my testing this evening). [FG3] note - testing was most likely on same subnet /LAN. Deployment was to a remote subnet / LAN. We have logs for you to view if needed. Submit by: Floyd Gardner on behalf of Technician Edward Williams Sent from Heartland Alliance DeployCentral Slack Channel
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  6. Checking the wim info using that command prompt solved the issue for me. Thanks!
  7. Hi Chaynie, For this request, please go ahead and submit this to support@smartdeploy.com. Thanks, Chris SmartDeploy Support
  8. Awesome. Can you please note a request to update Chrome, Java, 7-zip, and Notepad ++. Also, can we make app requests? VLC (I've got this one working, but if it is maintained by SDE that would be nice)?
  9. Hello, Yes, our plan is to update them periodically or by customer request. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  10. Do the standard application packs get updated similar to platform packs? For example, Google Chrome is included as an app that you can download, but, at least according to the product version, it is out-dated. Same with Java. I want to know if I am supposed manually update those apps.
  11. Hi Nagaraj, This is a difficult scenario, since using SmartDeploy requires local administrator privileges, which would generally also grant these users access to both the WDS console and any virtualization platform that you're using. If this is a major security concern, I would recommend installing SmartDeploy on a different server. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  12. Hello Joedarkness, Thanks for reaching out to us. Smartdeploy is definitely a great fit for you in this scenario. We will contact you soon via email and get you started with a trial.
  13. Hello, We currently setup SmartDeploy Admin Console in one of our physical server. I am the one that does all the Administrator job but i need to provide access to couple of Helpdesk guys to perform Cloud deployment for remote machines. How can i get this accomplished without having them accessing the main server because I have the Reference Machines and WDS configured on the same server so i don't want them to mess around with that. Regards, Nagaraj
  14. Total newbie with smart deploy but good with MDT and SCCM So we are still on windows 7 but I have a good Windows 10 builds crafted on the MDT (about 18 custom script builds) Now it's takes time to deploy these images and they aren't zero touch plus the due to our Domain we have to manually join the domain (due to the banner issues) For the Windows 7 deployment they had a team of 10 third party staff to boot off CD’s so I want to avoid this Custerfudge We have 2000 - 3000 Workstations in 18 Call Centers so it's not a easy task So I’m thinking that I can create the golden image on MDT and push it via Smart deploy The cherry on the cake would be if I can Zero touch the process Deliver the agent MSI via PDQ Deploy so that I can see the machines then push the W10 build They would keep the same hostname and join the domain (would this work with the popup banner ?) Would this work ? - the zero touch push and the domain join I'm not sure on the smart deploy flow Also if I'm using a laptop i7 SSD locallay on site to push the image on site how many concurrent deployments would it handle and what would be an approximate rate of deployments per hour ( image is about 7-8gb) Sorry for the long list I'm trying get a trial license so i can check as well
  15. Hi Jeff, I've followed the steps exactly as mentioned on that page and video. But like I said, the LayoutModification.xml method only works on local accounts created on my VM. Once the VM is deployed onto a test station and joined to our domain, domain accounts do not receive the modified default profile settings. This means that our students are affected as they sign into lab computers with domain accounts. I believe that it may be necessary for us to use CopyProfile as that is what worked well for us in the past and what my predecessor used. I would like to know how and at which point should CopyProfile be enabled/used in conjunction with SmartDeploy? Is there a specific location in the Answer File we need to enable CopyProfile? Is this process going to be executed when SmartDeploy runs Sysprep on the destination computer? Are we supposed to run Sysprep manually before imaging? For sanity's sake, I have attached both my predecessor's answer file and the answer file I am using (with sensitive information blocked out). I have diff'ed our files and besides the minor preference differences, nothing sticks out to be wrong. Is it possible something has changed in recent versions of SmartDeploy that makes my answer file incorrect? Otherwise, any insight to the standard way of using CopyProfile would be very appreciated. If there is an alternative option that works with domain accounts I would be open to trying it as well. Thank you in advance. current.xml predecessor.xml
  16. So if i uncheck the defer option will it reboot automatically if required, or just patiently wait for someone to see a reboot prompt?
  17. Yes, it will skip them automatically do you do not need to edit any packs or create your own. (Unless you want too)
  18. So do I need to create custom driver only packs, or will it just skip the BIOS/firmware/scripted updates in the existing packs?
  19. I may have spoke too quickly there. A restart may be required it the driver installation requires it. But Windows should prompt whichever user that a restart is required, and prompt to do it or defer. Things like BIOS updates and certain other things included in driver packs require a script to install. Anything like that in a driver isn't going to be applied when updating drivers via the console.
  20. So driver updates would happen completely within windows, and only BIOS/firmware updates would trigger a reboot?
  21. SmartDeploy won't restart a client following a driver update. There's not a real-time update, but you can look at the dism.txt file in C:\Platform where the drivers are copied. That file can tell you which drivers were installed, and if there were any that failed to install. As far as bandwidth management; that would need to be managed outside of the console, as we do not have that build into the product. Any remote actions like image/app/driver deployments have to be initiated from the console.
  22. Is there any additional documentation on the Push Platform Pack (independent of imaging) feature? I see that it is mentioned on pages 82-83 of the user guide, but i'm not finding anything else beyond that. Does this boot the machine into a PE environment, or does this run in windows? Is there any control over rebooting? Is there any reporting of success/failure, or real time status of the deployment? Is there any way to control bandwidth usage of this feature? Can I integrate this with SCCM to leverage SCCM bandwidth management? Can it leverage Branch Cache/BITS or other technology for bandwidth management?
  23. We have a video where I demonstrate how to customize the Start Menu and Task Bar here: https://support.smartdeploy.com/kb/article/3-customizing-the-start-menu-and-task-bar/ This should persist through deployments, as it's the method we use on our employee workstations as well.
  24. Hi everyone, I am trying to create a default user profile for all users logging onto our lab machines. This means fixing the task bar and start bar. I've tested all methods mentioned on the forums such as the ones supplied by SmartDeploy officials. Creating a LayoutModification.xml file works; however, it only works when testing new local users on my VM. After deploying the image to another computer and signing in with a domain account, all changes go down the drain. I've even tried some other options like Defprof but had corrupted defaults after doing so which led me away from this option. My predecessor claims to have used CopyProfile but of course that is deprecated. Any help would be appreciated! We are trying to create images with Windows 1809. Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi MNATC, The easiest way to do this would be with two separate boot images - each with an unattended answer file that points to each image. Add both boot images to WDS with friendly names that indicate which OS image they point to, e.g. Win 10 Base Image (Unattended) and Win 10 Engineering Image (Unattended). You can even do additional Attended versions of these answer files and boot images if you find that useful. Then your technician PXE boots the device, and simply selects the appropriate boot image from the WDS boot menu, and the deployment will proceed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues. Glenn SmartDeploy Support support@smartdeploy.com
  26. We have 2 standard images that we maintain. One is a basic image with a few applications needed by all users. We have a second image that is deployed to our Engineers which has a lot of extra Engineering applications and customization in it. I have WDS installed and integrated with our basic image. This process works great. However, is there a way to publish both images so my PC Techs can pick 1 or the other depending on who they are prepping the machine for. It does not have to be fully unattended but would be nice if the only thing they needed to pick was the image required. Is this possible with SmartDeploy and WDS?
  27. We customize our system names using the asset tag information that we assign to the machine. Years ago I found a utility online called wsname. I use a text file and input the serial number from the machine and assign the asset tag number there. When I run the batch file as a post deployment task, it renames the machine after it's already joined our domain. There are several options to use with this tool, but this is what works best for us. You can find the download online by searching for wsname. It's a free tool ... hasn't been updated in a very long time, but it still works with Windows 10.
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