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  2. I am seeing the same thing on my 1903 systems. If I us the 32 bit version it works fine but with the 64bit version you have to do a repair to get it to work. I have not opened Office and verified that by checking with ossp tool. In the reference image everything looks good but when rolled out all of the Office icons are blank. An online repair fixes it but it is a bit of a pain with 50 or more machines. Any ideas on whats causing it or possibly a work around. I am going to see if I can get it to deploy after imaging with the application pack but not sure if it works with Office 365. Thanks Darren
  3. Thank you! While my tasks aren't installing software it looks as if one of them was stopping the client from installing
  4. Ours ended up just being a bad image. After an image rebuild it was fine.
  5. Hi there ... new to Smartdeploy. Having a couple of issues. I've created Offline Media a number of times and sometimes the .wim file ends up on the "Z" folder and sometimes it's not there. Also run into a lot of trouble with formatting of the USB drive. Lastly, the one time I did get it to image a laptop (Dell Latitude 5490) it doesn't appear as though the answer file was applied. Just looking for any thoughts on these issues. Thanks
  6. We have the same issue. The image is dropped and customizations are lost. I think this is more of a win10 issue though because on the physically imaged PC, if I set the default apps as the local admin, they are lost when the domain user logs in. Windows is forcing each profile to what microsoft wants as defaults from what I can tell
  7. I am having the same issue suddenly. Using the same process I have previously, it happens with new images as well as old images that I am trying to update.
  8. I'd first check to make sure you're on the latest version of SmartDeploy, v2.0.3050. If you're running any tasks to install other software post-deployment, it's possible it's preventing the installation. We've had customers add sleep timers to their custom install scripts to help with this. You can check the Application log in Event Viewer for clues as well.
  9. #SDE00010030 - HP Sure Recovery after first boot (LogFile Attached)
  10. I have my answer file set to install the SmartDeploy client automatically and it's not installing on imaged machines. This was working previously, though I am not sure when it stopped working as I just noticed. I have tried using both the host name and the IP address of the server to no avail.
  11. Hi Jay, I think we'll need to see some logs and ask a few more questions on this - can you submit a support ticket here, and we can assist further? Be sure to reference this DeployCentral thread. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  12. Good Morning, We get a HP Sure Recovery message first boot after a successful image. This has been happening, I just got used to using the workaround, which is ESC in HP Sure Recovery window, F2 in "BootDevice Not Found" window and Exit in "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI" Window. After that, Windows will load normally. Is there anyway not to see that HP Sure Recovery window? We have TPM turned off and Legacy enabled. Thank you... JM
  13. I recently installed SmartDeploy on Windows Server 2019, and it caused a constant reboot loop that would crash right after it loaded into windows (before user login). I installed it on a clean system and it is still causing this, anyone have any ideas I can try to get it to work? I really need Smart Deploy and I don't have any other options for OS.
  14. We leave all ports open inside our network - and both the workstation and endpoint exist on this inside net. So ports aren't an issue.
  15. Sent. Being able to ping both ways is encouraging, but there are specific port requirements that may not be met here (8733 is one of them, which is referenced in the error message above). We should be able to see what's going on in the event logs in any case; we'll be in touch. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  16. And the console still shows as updating drivers - nearly 2 hours later...
  17. There is no connectivity issue in regards to the network. Can ping both directions. If there are no new drivers - that's fine, but would make some sense to reflect that either in the status or in the log. I'll look for your email. Let me know what logs you need.
  18. Hi Ted, Sounds like it may be a connectivity problem, but if we can take a look at the Application event log from the endpoint, we can see if if received the command and tried to follow it. Also possible there simply weren't any newer drivers available, as everything installs silently, and the device only reboots if a particular driver requires it. I'll send you an email shortly. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  19. This is in the workstation csv log: 9/17/2019 11:29 WSSPI-23270 18:60:24:9D:23:8B 1 DriverUpdateMessageProcessor 2.0.3050 This request operation sent to net.tcp:// did not receive a reply within the configured timeout (00:01:30). The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout. This may be because the service is still processing the operation or because the service was unable to send a reply message. Please consider increasing the operation timeout (by casting the channel/proxy to IContextChannel and setting the OperationTimeout property) and ensure that the service is able to connect to the client.
  20. Title pretty much says it - I have a workstation that has driver updates available. I push it out from the console - console acts like it is deploying. Nothing happens on the workstation end. I've rebooted both the workstation and the SmartDeploy machine. I never get an error and if I leave it, the "deploying" status just continues.
  21. I'm trying to deploy an image to a remote machine and part of the process involves creating an answer file. 1. I've uploaded the image and platform packs to the cloud (using OneDrive). 2. I've created a Cloud Answer File. 3. When I attempt to create cloud media it fails saying "Unable to authenticate with the Cloud Platform specified in the Answer File. Please recreate the Answer File. I've confirmed Smartdeploy is authenticated with OneDrive. Logged out and back in again, rebooted the server, confirmed upload of image. However, I'm still getting this error. Has anyone come across this problem before?
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  23. Hello, We are glad you're happy with SmartDeploy! You were right in containing the security software as an application pack. Security software and anti-virus software can cause issues if installed on the image as it can break sysprep, capture issues, etc. You can also install it as a post image task. Most customers install applications on the image, or install the base applications all their users need, then deploy application packs for any unique machines that need a couple different applications. You could also make separate images for those users as well. It's really up to you. We recommend installing your applications on the image so you don't have to do any steps after the image is laid down. There is really no pro or con. I hope that answers your question! Thanks, SmartDeploy Support Devon
  24. Hi! We've recently gotten Smartdeploy and have been happy with it so far. I made a relatively simple image and included our basic applications in it, and an application pack for our security software (including it in an image is tricky due to the way it activates so the application pack made more sense for it). However, now I'm curious to know if it is better to install as many applications as possible via application packs as opposed to installing them in the base image? Is there any particular guidance on which is preferred? (I must confess imaging in this way is largely new for me - the last lot of imaging I did was via Ghost 11 many years ago!) Thanks 😊
  25. Hi Scott, Yes, you will need to recreate your deployment package and select the updated answer file during the process. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support Devon
  26. I have created an answer file for our WDS deployment. If i change any of the information in the file and save it do I need to recreate the deployment package or does it update the package?
  27. I am having the same issue on a windows 10 image.
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