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  2. Thanks for clearing that up Glenn. We will proceed with using the attended install. Thanks Stephen
  3. Thanks Jeff. I have managed to get them downloading now. It looks like it could've been a proxy issue. I am going to raise another post to see if anyone knows the URL's that need to be bypassed in our PAC file. Thanks again. Stephen
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  5. PC Refresh - USMT

    Is there a new guide to using USMT with SmartDeploy?
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  7. Stephen; is it any platform packs in particular or any one that you try to download? We've seen this issue before and it's often related to something on a particular system, or related to an internet proxy or other content filtering on the network. Please try installing SmartDeploy on a different system to rule out your workstation. (Remember that you may need to right-click the installer package, click Properties, and click Unblock before installing.) Alternatively, if you're on laptop and can enable a mobile hot spot on your phone you can eliminate your network as the culprit.
  8. Hi Stephen, Thanks for reaching out. You're correct about how the hash signs work - they are essentially random, and if you're only using two digits, there's a good chance you will get some repeats. It's possible this will change in the future, but at this time, each deployment is a discrete event that is unaware of the others, and there is no mechanism that would allow for sequential computer naming other than manually entering the computer name for each deployment. Many of our users have found this to be a practical workaround, however - rather than using an unattended answer file, you can use an attended answer file and skip every Deploy Wizard page besides the one that you need to modify per-deployment (Network Identification in this case). You can find guidance for how to update your answer file to skip Deploy Wizard pages at the very end of the User's Guide. Go ahead and email us at support (at) smartdeploy.com if you have any questions or issues. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support 888.7DEPLOY toll-free _____________________________ SmartDeploy® Learn about our award winning Windows deployment solutions www.smartdeploy.com www.deploycentral.com Twitter: @SmartDeploy Facebook: SmartDeploy Spiceworks: Spiceworks
  9. Hi all, Very new to SmartDeploy and just going through the trial. So far I'm very impressed. So intuitive and easy to use. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that when a machine is deployed, the machine name (network identification) will number the machines from 01 upwards. E.g. COMPUTER-01; COMPUTER-02, etc. When creating the answer file, I add the hashtags at the end (COMPUTER-##), ut the numbers seem to be totally random, rather than sequential. Hoping someone can help out with this. Thank you. Stephen
  10. I am having this issue too. The Platform Packs aren't downloading (showing 0KB) so I need to know why this might be happening.
  11. Cloud Deployment Package Vanishes

    Hey Tim, Unfortunately I don't have a quick solution as this isn't a common issue. We'd need to have you email your deploy.log to support@smartdeploy.com so we could look at the version of SmartDeploy you're on and get more details of what's happening in the background.
  12. So, odd one here. Testing cloud deployment. Created deployment package, uploaded files to OneDrive, went back to Smartdeploy and vooom, Cloud Deployment Package has vanished. All the files are still there where they should be. Have done it five times now and each time exactly the same. Oh, as an aside, your help link in the application links to very old instructions, nothing on Cloud at all.
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  14. If you've received the error "Unable to inject the necessary drivers. Code 50" when creating boot media, certain privileges may not be enabled for the account in use. Open a Command Prompt as Administrator and run the whoami /priv command to confirm that the following permissions are enabled: SeManageVolumePrivilege SeSecurityPrivilege SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege SeLoadDriverPrivilege SeBackupPrivilege SeRestorePrivilege SeChangeNotifyPrivilege SeImpersonatePrivilege SeCreateGlobalPrivilege Here is a TechNet article that covers configuring Security Policy settings.
  15. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    Thanks for helping identifying this bug CTEK. It seems we've identified the bug and will address it in our upcoming release. If anyone following this thread is having the same issue; please contact SmartDeploy support for assistance between now and the release of or next version.
  16. Windows 10 Default App Notifications After Deploy

    I can also confirm I just created a vanilla Win 10 pro install today and have numerous "An app default was reset" notifications on first login.
  17. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    Brand new install (erase SSD; deploy Win7; MS updates; install SDE; install VMWare Player), very first thing I did when starting SDE for the first time is to log in and download the VMWare Workstation PPK, here's the result:
  18. Nope. The good news: my fresh (ie, non-upgrade) 2.0.2090 install coupled with a new install of VMWare Player and a fresh Win10 1703 VM has passed it's first deployment test. Now to add all the required apps and try again - if that works, I'll simply retire the old SDE PC.
  19. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    Here you go, looks much better, this is for a Lenovo that would have never been downloaded before (we're 98% Dell, 2% HP):
  20. Win10: Calculator & other apps missing

    Are you using CopyProfile for a customized default profile in your deployments?
  21. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    I'm not able to re-produce this in my test environment. I've never seen or heard of a bug where the console downloads the incorrect path. I'm going to submit this for investigation, and will PM you with a direct link. In the mean time, can you please try another pack at random and post the same screenshot as above?
  22. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    BTW, this is a brand new install of SDE, different hardware with a fresh (ie, non-upgrade) install of 2.0.2090. I'm still dealing with the issue in the thread titled "Win10: Calculator & other apps missing" I started a few months back, and wanted to start afresh to see if I could get around the problem.
  23. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    No joy sorry. I deleted all PPKs from the console (and verified that the directory on disk was empty), then downloaded the Workstation 12 PPK (all good), then the ESX PPK (all good), then the Dell Precision 3510 Win10 PPK, and got this: d
  24. Platform Packs on 2.0.2090

    Are the 2 VMware platform packs the only one's that you've tried to download since installing? Were there any ppk files in the platform packs folder before you installed SD? I've just tested downloading them and the packs appear to be fine as far as their details. This could be mix-up in how the folder is being scanned for ppk files. Try this; Copy the VMware platform packs out of the folder, (or any packs that appear to have mix-matched details), then remove them from the console, and then use the console to import them back in.
  25. Hi, Fresh install (not upgrade) of SDE 2.0.2090, downloading Platform Packs and this is what I see (I have tried the two VMWare PPKs at the bottom of the list of available ones): I see all sorts of odd combinations one I add the Dell laptops and desktops we use. We don't have any Latitude E4200 and I have never (interntionally) downloaded this PPK. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  26. When you're creating a new virtual machine for your reference machine, you'll want pay special attention to this specific setting, depending on the platform you're using. When creating a new VM in Hyper-V; choose Generation 1. When creating a new VM in VMware, check the settings and confirm that 'Use EFI instead of BIOS' is not checked. (VMware will not ask you to choose one or the other when you create the VM.) The reason for this is because SmartDeploy is not able to capture GPT virtual disks. You can't change this after you install Windows! That being said; you can still capture a Generation 1 or BIOS configured virtual machines and deploy them to UEFI based machines.
  27. Problem: When attempting to capture an image, you receive the error message: "Capturing guid partition table virtual disks is not currently supported." Resolution: This error indicates that the virtual machine is configured to boot with EFI instead of BIOS, or that it is a 'Generation 2' Hyper-V virtual machine. You will need to create a new virtual machine with that setting disabled in VMware, or as a 'Generation 1' virtual machine in Hyper-V, and re-install Windows.
  28. Regional settings?

    Hi Baz, We'll need to see a log set from the deployed device to be sure what's happening here. Boot to SmartDeploy media on the affected device, click the Collect logs option, save the resulting zip file to an external location, and send with your reply. Note that some organizations restrict sending zip files over email, so you may want to check with your IT department to make sure the email made it out with the attachment. Alternately, you can fill out our Support form, which includes a file upload option. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  29. Deploying Windows 10 sysprep error

    Hello, Please update to SmartDeploy v2.0.2090 and try your deployment again.
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