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  2. Move user data to a different PC

    I can tell you, we will have application only deployment in some sort of beta by the end of the year. Of course there is no official ETA, but it's on the development roadmap Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
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  4. Yeah, I was afraid of that, though I did have a weak hope of it being a feature I had overlooked, since the User Migration setting already use USMT. Maybe it should be a requested future feature to incorporate that fully in the later SD updates?
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  6. Move user data to a different PC

    You would have to install the images on the image or make multiple images for your specific application needs. When you create your answer file, you will want to select Enable User Data Migration on the User Data Migration page, then select your desired options. Use that answer file during deployment and you will be good to go. You have three options to migrate. User Settings: this includes the full user account, any personalized setting and documents (C:\Users\Demo) Application Settings: this includes Microsoft Office and other Microsoft related applications Documents: this includes everything on the C: drive that was not added by the operating system or applications (C:\*) For more information regarding the User Data Migration please refer to page 34 in our User Guide.
  7. Hi, We are about to replace some fifty PC's in our company, and I was wondering if it's possible to use SD to migrate user data (and hopefully the applications we do not provide as standard in the image) from one PC to another?
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  9. Issues Create Offline Media

    Turns out when I came back to work on Monday and to create a new thumb drive it worked. I did attached the media.log file. I was having the issue on 4/13. Maybe someone could shed some light on what was happening on 4/13. Media.log
  10. Issues Create Offline Media

    Hi Brad, Please send us your C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log from your SmartDeploy host and we can take a look. SmartDeploy Support
  11. Issues Create Offline Media

    I am trying to create a thumb drive using the offline media tool so that I can image computers that are wireless or not directly connected to my network. In the past I have been able to create thumb drives using this method. This time I am getting a error that says "Unable to copy the image file. Media Wizard will now close" . The thumb drives I am using have been formatted numerous times using different methods and file formats. I have also tried it with different thumb drives. Any ideas as to why I am now unable to create a thumb drive?
  12. Issues with PXE on Dell Latitude 3050 using UEFI

    The Windows PE driver doesn't get used until Windows PE is fully booted. With PXE boot this would either be down to the version of Windows Server that is being used, or the BIOS/firmware on the machine. Looks like a few revisions of back in the BIOS they updated the Realtek NIC firmware, so something like that could make a difference.
  13. Hello, I just recently deployed 60 Dell Latitude 3050's with my technicians. We had some issues when leaving the computers set in UEFI mode. The PXE starts but hangs and moves really really slow loading the boot file. I left several booting went to lunch and came back and still didn't boot into smartdeploy boot file. After some word eating on my part, as my technicians recommend legacy mode instead, i insisted it wasn't necessary. But low and behold that worked flawlessly, after disabling secure boot and disabling UEFI boot options, legacy PXE worked fine. I did some quick research and I think it could be a driver issue with the PXE in winpe mode, some other people reporting having issues with WDS, but didn't really find any solution. So just fyi, as we have discovered, from model to model, UEFI seems to not work, and on some legacy doesn't work. I don't believe this anything to do with smartdeploy, but more WDS itself and manufacture drivers, not sure if anyone else has these issues as well. Perhaps experimenting with changing the driver in WINPE of the platform pack. I realize it could also be something simple as a bios update.
  14. Machine Name not being retained

    No everything was done within the smart deploy wizard.
  15. Ports

    Hi Caeden, Here are the recommended steps in order to get the SmartDeploy console working with your firewall and prevent any issues downloading platform packs via the console. Disable any anti-virus on the SmartDeploy host The console uses standard HTTP and HTTPS ports to initiate the download – you’ll need to make sure that SmartDeploy Enterprise can access ports 80 and 443. You may need to create an exception in your firewall for this executable: C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartDeploy\SmartDeploy Enterprise\Resources\ConsoleService.exe Allow download.smartdeploy.com/* through your firewall Check whether you're behind a proxy. If you are, you'll need to add the proxy setting information to the SmartDeploy console settings. If you're not sure, you can confirm this by visiting this website: http://amibehindaproxy.com/ Beyond that, there may be application-specific rules that are restricting traffic on your network – it’s possible that only browsers are permitted to download files, for instance. Additionally, here is a complete list of the ports used by SmartDeploy: TCP 80 - HTTP TCP 443 - HTTPS TCP 8732 - ConsoleServiceWCF TCP 8733 - ClientServiceWCF TCP 8734 - ConsoleServiceSLWCF TCP 8735 – ConsoleServiceMCWCF If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by emailing us at support (at) smartdeploy.com. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  16. Ports

    We are about to install the trial, and I had a quick prep question; Our network is very locked down. What ports do I need to tell my network guy to open up in order to push images to devices on other vlans? Thanks!
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  18. Machine Name not being retained

    Richard, Did you edit your answer file outside of the Answer File Wizard? Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  19. Why do I have to...

    Sorry about the delay. As soon as I began the "move" process the Dashboard began updating with the list of PPK files. Thanks for the info.
  20. I ran into this issue as well. If you have a digital license key which you most likely do then you need to get an ISO for windows 10 and reinstall the OS, this will reactivate windows. Fully complete the initial "out-of-box" set up while connected to the internet (so it can connect to the Microsoft servers and activate the digital license). When you get to the desktop for the first time is when your digital key will be activated, you don't need to worry about preforming all of the windows updates before you image. From there you can go ahead and image it. I would recommend setting your answer file to shutdown rather than restart after the image is complete. Make sure when you power the PC back on it is connected to the internet via ethernet cable or the digital key will not activate.
  21. Unexpected Error

    That just broke my computer. Sent into an endless reboot loop. Guess I'll just scrap the PC and rebuild it with Win 10 and see what happens. Thanks for the help.
  22. Deployment isues

    Given that you're able to proceed manually once you re-enter the path and credentials, this likely indicates that one of these items is faulty or invalid in the current answer file. Go ahead and re-run Answer File Wizard to recreate your answer file, then recreate your media, then retry deployment. If the issue persists, go ahead and email us at support (at) smartdeploy.com (and be sure to reference this thread) - we'll want to get some logs from you to troubleshoot further. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  23. Unexpected Error

    Have you tried this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=10019
  24. Deployment isues

    Yes, I do see an IP and I'm able to manually enter the network path and credentials to complete deployment. It just doesn't auto populate. It was working correctly prior to the 2.0.3000 update.
  25. Deployment isues

    Hi there, When this occurs on the faulty device, is there a valid IP address displayed in the lower right corner? Are you able to complete the deployment if you enter the network path and re-enter your credentials? Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  26. Unexpected Error

    Those updates did not work, as I am running this on a Windows 7 PC and those are for Win 8.1 and Server 2012.
  27. Deployment isues

    I'm having this issue as well, but I notice that its happening to a specific model. So far I have tried this on 2 models of computers, one is automatically displaying the network path of the image, and the other makes me manually put it in.
  28. Unexpected Error

    Install this. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3179574/august-2016-update-rollup-for-windows-8-1-and-windows-server-2012-r2
  29. Unexpected Error

    Having the same issue. Is there any fix for this?
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