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  2. Jeff Harris

    Image File Issue

    This sounds like a bad capture. Make sure there are no pending updates or A/V software on the Ref VM, re-capture the image, saving to a new wim file. Then try creating the Answer File again.
  3. I've updated my image and created my image file. However, when I go to create an answer file, I get to the image selection portion. I select the image, then wait to see if the image name shows up. At this point, it does not, so.. clicking 'next' shows an error 'Please specify a valid file'. Unfortunately, I've not been able to move any further with the answer file creation.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi camlen92, Thanks for the update! You're likely not the only user to run into this issue, so hopefully this will be helpful for others. Unfortunately, the updates to the Sysprep\CopyProfile procedure (which has been around since the 1990s) have been a bit piecemeal - the entire procedure touched so many different parts of the OS, that different aspects of it have been deprecated (with or without any accompanying documentation) as each product group has changed its approach to deploying that particular setting over time. At least that's our best best guess in our long experience dealing with changes in Windows deployment over time. If you ever hit a wall with how to deploy a particular setting, please feel free to reach out to support@smartdeploy.com - we're happy to work with you further to try and find a solution for your specific need. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  6. Our issue is different from what was recommended above. We needed to deploy keyboard languages, not Start Menu Layouts or Taskbar layouts. Our solution for this issue is not ideal but it works for our needs: We deploy registry keys that have the hex code value for that language to each of the computers through GPO. All Asian keyboard languages arrive broken, but we have some technicians manually add them back through the new Windows Settings app. This seems to be the only way to automate the process from our few weeks of testing. It is unfortunate that the new updates to sysprep broke the Default Profile capabilities. Hopefully in the future this functionality can return in some form or way.
  7. I'm currently using a fresh 1803 and pause the update. I also have a reference machine with 1809 that I'm holding on to.
  8. SmartDeploySupport

    Windows 10 1809 - Sysprep Fail

    Justin is correct. We do have a build in test that is successfully deploying 1809, but Microsoft has pulled the 1809 update as well as from the Windows 10 Media Creation tool. We want to ensure SmartDeploy on the latest build of 1809, so once they do, we will ensure our build works with Microsoft's latest ISO. As of today the update is still pulled.I would suggest building a fresh virtual reference machine with 1803 Windows 10 media then capture/deploy that or wait until MS releases 1809.Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's something we cannot control at this time. Once MS releasing a final build and we will test it and will announce to our customers that we support it officially.
  9. justinsamsel

    Windows 10 1809 - Sysprep Fail

    The Windows 10 1809 update hasn't been re-released to the public yet (it's currently on the Windows Insider ring I hear) so I doubt we are going to get a SmartDeploy update until after that.
  10. Any update on a SmartDeploy update for 1809? Is there an ETA? Thank you...
  11. Last week
  12. Hi Dustin, SmartDeploy supports the following virtualization software: Citrix® XenServer™ 5.0 or newer Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer with Hyper-V (Generation 1) Oracle® VM VirtualBox™ 3.2 or newer VMware® ESX 4.0 or newer VMware® Player 2.5 or newer VMware® Workstation 6.5 or newer If the virtualization software supports snapshots and you decide to create a snapshot you will have to capture the virtual machine via warm capture. support.smartdeploy.com/kb/article/35-performing-a-warm-capture/ I hope that answers your question, Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  13. Is it required to use server hyper v in order to create a VM that i can take a snapshot of?
  14. Thanks for the response. We have folder redirection for the Desktop & Documents folder in place so currently we don't do user data migration in most cases.
  15. Jeff Harris

    Re-Imaging a Bitlocker enabled Dell laptop

    Hi Nagaraj, If you are not planning to do any user data migration, or attempt to use the computer name from the existing Windows installation, and will be allowing SmartDeploy to wipe the hard drive, then you do not need to worry about BitLocker being enabled on the target device. If you want to do any of the things I just mentioned, you'll want to decrypt the drive before starting with SmartDeploy.
  16. Hello, We are using Smartdeploy 2.0.3020 for PXE boot and using Dell laptops. We are in the process of implementing BitLocker in our environment and currently testing is in progress. One of the things that I want to make sure is, reimaging a Bitlocker enabled laptop. We dont use the "wipe & load option" I have tried reimaging couple of laptops with Bitlocker Encryption ON and it seems to be imaged fine without any issues. I am trying to get some recommendations on what would be best practice to do while reimaging a Bitlocker enabled laptop. For ex: Is it recommended to turn off the encryption before we attempt to reimage the laptop, etc. Thanks, Nagaraj
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  18. SmartDeploySupport

    Deployment to dell 7050

    We've updated the platform pack, and that should resolve the issue. Please download and test deploying with version of the pack. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  19. SmartDeploySupport

    Offline Deployment Support for Blu-Ray discs?

    Ken, We still don't have plans to support Blu-Ray at this time. USB is faster in most cases and more reliable for offline deployment media. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  20. Ken Weinstein

    Offline Deployment Support for Blu-Ray discs?

    It's been a few years. Are there any plans to explore supporting Blu-Ray disks instead of breaking the installer up into 5 smaller disks? Thanks -Ken
  21. Hi cannot deploy image to dell 7050 unless I remove the update bios step in the platform pack Anyone else have this issue W10 x64 1803
  22. SmartDeploySupport

    Windows 10 1809 - Sysprep Fail

    Correct. A new version of SmartDeploy will be released that will fix this sysprep issue very soon once MS releases a bug-free version of the update. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support
  23. justinsamsel

    Windows 10 1809 - Sysprep Fail

    It looks like Microsoft has temporarily pulled the 1809 update from Windows Updates due to some pretty nasty bugs.
  24. SmartDeploySupport

    Answer Files and Skipping Dialogues in 2.0.3020

    Hi GCW.License, I was unable to reproduce this issue with a newly created answer file in SmartDeploy version 2.0.3020 - the Answer File Wizard has had a number of changes in the last few versions, so I would recommend you try creating a brand new answer file (do not edit an existing one), then make the skip="1" edits (making sure to include identification and network_shares, which are near the bottom), then recreate your SmartDeploy media and retry deployment. If you still have issues, please let us know at support@smartdeploy.com and we'll help troubleshoot further. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  25. We used to have the answer files skip all but the machine naming/domain join dialog during deployment and had the rest of the standard answers in the answer file. With 2.0.3020, that no longer worked and every dialog was shown during deployment. We rebuilt the answer files with 3020 and changed all of the sections to 'skip="1" ' to match what worked before. Now most of them are skipped, but "Network Credentials" and "Naming Convention" still are not skipped. Any thoughts?
  26. I thought it was me Thank you for all your hard work...
  27. SmartDeploySupport

    Windows 10 1809 - Sysprep Fail

    Hi Jay, The current version of SmartDeploy does not support deploying Windows 10 1809. We are currently testing a version of SmartDeploy that will work with 1809 and will release a new version shortly. We appreciate your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks, SmartDeploy Support.
  28. So far I tried the Windows 10 1809 update image to an HP 800 G3 and the sysprep failed (A fatal error occurred while trying to sysprep the machine). Anybody else successfully tried the Windows 10 1809 October update?
  29. JayM

    Question About PPKs

    Thank you
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