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  3. Thank you both very much. :) That is the information that I was looking for. Aaron - Good to hear! It's new to us, but i'm liking it so far. We previously used Ghost.
  4. This isn't supported in SmartDeploy. Creating a virtual machine and using that for your image is going to give you a much "cleaner" hardware-independent image.
  5. I'm brand new to SD.....I've got a laptop with my 'golden' image. Can I capture that to SD instead of a VM?
  6. Hello Chad B, Unfortunately, the only way to confirm that an application pack properly deployed and installed would be to check on the target machine. If you're experiencing any issues with any of these custom application packs, please send a request to support@smartdeploy.com and we can further troubleshoot. -Chris M. SmartDeploy Support
  7. New to SmartDeploy and have build out a few application packages. Is there away to verify the package was installed without having to check the actual physical device?
  8. Office 365, Sophos, Citrix, Adobe Reader, Chrome, Firefox, VLC, All current windows update, ICAA (we still have legacy Notes database) and HP Softpaq (just in case I will need it),
  9. Aaron is quite right - whenever you create SmartDeploy media of any type and select an answer file, a copy of that answer file is written into the WindowsPE boot image. It is that copy of the answer file that is loaded when you boot to SmartDeploy media - the copy back on the console host is not involved. Thus, if you make any changes to the answer file, you also need to recreate your media. Likewise, if you update the SmartDeploy console version, you also need to update your media - otherwise the media would still be using the old version of Deploy Wizard to apply your image. For WDS bo
  10. Every single time you change anything: 1. SD Upgrade 2. Answer file change. 3. Image change Hope that helps. Edit: Welcome to SmartDeploy! I got this working for my IT Department and been using for about 2 years.
  11. I am just trying to understand when it is necessary to update the WDS boot image that i've created using SmartDeploy. Does the WDS boot image actually load the Answer File in it, or does it just store the path to get to the Answer File? If I update the Answer File but keep it the same name, do I also then need to update the WDS boot image? Thank you for any asssistance!
  12. Here's a link for an Application Pack that I made for another customer to install the Dell Command Update util. Reported back and said it works, so hopefully it does the trick for you as well! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zXTNqB3DcYIMsKAxfLRmcmt64Qj52ka7/view?usp=sharing
  13. Correct; there is a specific bug in Windows/Sysprep following an in-place upgrade to v2004. You always want to create a new VM, installing the new version of Windows you want to deploy from ISO.
  14. Just Office, Chrome/Firefox. Adobe Reader. Everything else is in Application Packs.
  15. Hey All, We've had similar issues and this is what we found. So lets you have a Golden Image with V1903. And you update it to V2004. It will not join the domain. From what I've learned is that you cannot do a Feature update to your Golden Image. Essentially Every time there is a Feature update to Windows. You'll have to re-create your Golden Image. This is what I've been told by Smart Deploy.
  16. Hello Guys! I haven't seen any real help about this. Since last time I posted I found the Solution to correctly run the Script as Admin. In my example I'm trying to create a URL Shortcut in the Public Desktop Create and Application Pack that will contain 3 tasks (1. Copy File/Folder, 2. Copy File/Folder and 3. Run Command) The First Task will copy my custom icon to the WINDOWS Folder. The Second Task will copy the PS1 file to the Public Pictures Folder. I'm using the Public Pictures Folder because there's no restriction to copy files there. No worries because we
  17. Okay thanks for the update to pack, We were just told by Dell to run the Dell Command utility to fix ongoing issues with the 7410's, so that was the thought behind that.
  18. Hi Tim, We do have customers ask about his every once in awhile. The reason we include Lenovo's and not Dell's or HP's is because the Lenovo utility is the only one that is good at detecting installed driver versions when those drivers have been installed via PnP. What I mean by that is that on a Dell Latitude 5490, where all the drivers are up to date via PnP, the Dell Command Update software will want to reinstall the same versions of the Intel Management Engine, Intel Ethernet, and Intel Wireless. This would be true if you used their SCCM pack as well. Always hoped this would improv
  19. Hello, We recently purchased around 270 dell latitudes 7410 and 7400s. We have noticed that dell is pushing a lot of updates and fixes to resolve some of the issues with these. Is it possible going foward to include the dell command update app inside the platform packs for dell. I have noticed that the lenovo packs have the system update app. It would be verfy helpful to a lot of people, I have manually added it to a few dell packs. Just a thought for dell platform packs.
  20. Hello, I am deploying my first image to a laptop using a Boot Media USB. It fails with the error 'An error occurred while applying the image." This is my first time using SmartDeploy and I think I have everything set correct for a simple Win10 image. I have the log files if someone could review them and see where it is failing. Thank you
  21. I'm trying to install Winzip with an application package, and to license the program I need to copy a license file to C:\ProgramData\Winzip. I started by adding a copy file task and used the path C:\ProgramData\Winzip\. That didn't work and I thought it may be related to the folder not existing so I added a command "cmd /c mkdir C:\programData\Winzip" before the copy file. That too is failing. I found on these forums that it could be due to the OS drive not labelled as C: and so I changed that to T: as suggested, but that also is failing. I'm looking for suggestions at this point.
  22. Hi wsova, We'll want to see a complete logset to troubleshoot this further, and I've opened a support ticket with you to troubleshoot this further. Unfortunately, there is no single, specific answer to domain join failure, but broadly speaking, the failures tend to occur due to bad credentials, a bad FQDN for the domain, a bad Distinguished Name for a specified OU, or a failure to connect to a domain controller during the SPECIALIZE phase (which can occur with certain network adapters that fail to initialize without a reboot). The logs can usually tell us where to look, so that's wher
  23. Any further information on this? We are running into a similar situation where joining the domain fails. Our internal domain name is "companyname.local" Any help would be appreciated.
  24. There seems to be more being checked. I have not taken a snapshot of my VM, installed Tools to get network to run updates, uninstalled, and these keys are not on the machine, but I still get the same error. I need to be able to use VMWare for our base image and current versions require Tools to be installed for network access; there has to be a work-around for this.
  25. Hi Dejeon, We will need to take a look at some deployment logs. Boot the 5480 from your SmartDeploy boot media and select Collect Logs. Save the resulting zip and send it to support@smartdeploy.com. The subject: 5480 Issues Be sure to reference this thread. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  26. Hey guys I am having a hell of a time with our Dell Latitude 5480 model. This started after moving to update 3080 on SmartDeploy. I don't really think that it has anything to do with that, but figured I would mention it. So after moving to 3080 I updated my windows image, downloaded the updated platform packs. and created some new offline media to use for deploying our image. All of our other machine models are doing fine, but the Dell 5480 does not seem to like it. So after deployment, when it gets to the logon screen it shows it does not have any Network, and when we try to sign into th
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