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  2. I created a custom Platform Pack for the Apple Mac Mini and I am seeing this behavior. Any advice or guidance?
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  4. Unfortunately, that is a current limitation of SmartDeploy; that you must be logged into the console host with local administrator rights, and only one instance of the console can be open at at a time. This is feedback that we've received from numerous customers, and it is on our roadmap. It does likely mean a substantial re-write of SmartDeploy, which I believe is underway. I don't have a timeline or expected ETA for this to share unfortunately.
  5. I would like to second the road map objective for a smart deploy web console. This would be a massive improvement. In the mean time. My techs are having trouble viewing the end points on their locally installed consoles. Is there a way for them to be able to view the contents, push drivers etc, without logging into the main server? I seem to recall this worked a while back. Maybe I am crazy and it did not. Some back ground. We are running a local machine - joined to intune. We are an all cloud environment. No servers. Our VDI environment is blocked for RDP. Or we would have build it in the azure vdi space. PC's all check in. I can push packages from the main console. I just need my guys to be able to see it. And use it. Suggestions?
  6. @tomsiemers I use Chocolatey in my golden images to install most of the major software we use. Browsers, PDF, Office365, Teams, etc.
  7. Hi Chin, Client machines should automatically update themselves. If they're not, then something is causing a disconnect in communication to the host. We can certainly take a closer look at this. Please submit a request to support@smartdeploy.com and we can further troubleshoot the issue. -Chris SmartDeploy Support
  8. Any update on this - when and how can you force clients to upgrade?
  9. Hello Brad H, We try our best to update the Platform Packs routinely, but generally our customers notify us if one needs to be updated or experience issues. If there is a Platform Pack you'd like us to update, please definitely submit a request including the make and model to support@smartdeploy.com and we can take a look. -Chris M. SmartDeploy Support
  10. I'm new here, so just needing to post a couple of things I'm not sure on. Regarding Platform Packs and updating them, is that something we can request to have them updated with latest drivers, or is it left up to the end Org to do the updating? I noticed on one of ours for an HP laptop, the pack is from 2018 and there's definitely newer updates. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Jeff, I saw your reply a few years ago saying the same thing, so I just wanted to check if anything has changed lately. We have SD and vmware workstation pro on a stand alone server and usually RDP to the server, then load the ref image in VMWare, but, as I said, it's just so dang slow to use. Thanks for the info!
  12. You can install VMware Tools to work on the VM, but you do want to uninstall them before you capture. The problem is that sometimes VMware tools leaves things behind, and the Capture Wizard thinks they're still installed. I can put the RegKeys that we check for at the bottom of this post, but my recommendation would be to just leave them off, and RDP into your VM and perform your configurations that way. RegKeys; Microsoft: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{B0950C40-269A-11DD-BD0B-0800200C9A66}Microsoft: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{E799CA03-7E46-4AE7-A7B6-E904CCFD1529}VMware: HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\VMToolsVMware: HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\VMwareToolsVMware: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{FE2F6A2C-196E-4210-9C04-2B1BC21F07EF}VMware: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{96B74176-0BA4-4F5D-B3A5-466EAD9E73BD}Oracle: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions
  13. I've found a few posts from over the years on whether to install vmware tools on a reference image (with workstation pro 15) when buildling the image or not (for deployment to a physical machine). I'm finding that without VMware tools, the Win10 reference image is really slow to deal with, difficult to navigate with a mouse, etc. So I'm curious, is it ok to install VMware tools and then uninstall them before shutting down to capture the image? Has it become better over the years of installing the Tools? Or any recommendations is very much appreciated! Brad
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  15. Any common applications that will be going on the devices to deploy to would be worth installing on your Reference VM. You'll have fewer potential points of failure, and you'll reduce the deployment time.
  16. Currently our gold image is pretty basic - Windows 10 with updates, Office 2016, Acrobat Reader DC, and Google Chrome. I'm considering removing the apps on my next image and making it strictly Windows 10 with updates, and handling the application installs post-imaging with Application Packs and the SmartDeploy Client. Plus then I'll have the client on the workstations to use later on. What are you including in your gold images? Lots of apps, no apps, something in-between? Or am I (as is usually the case) overthinking this? Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!
  17. It's always been my recommendation to customize the Start Menu and Task bar layout, and leave those other apps hidden down in the app drawer rather than try to actually remove them. They're only going to be seen if someone scrolls down through the app drawer, which most people wont be doing. We have an article and video that explains how that's done, and it's far easier than trying to remove them and not break Windows sysprep. https://support.smartdeploy.com/support/solutions/articles/48000967003-customize-the-start-menu-and-taskbar
  18. I'm wondering how much time everyone spends attempting to debloat Windows 10. I've got a PowerShell script I use to remove a lot of the bloat but I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the effort. The last couple of Windows 10 updates (I'm looking at you, 1909) seem to get a little unstable if you get too aggressive in cleaning out the bloat. Like I said, just wondering. If anyone has any thoughts to share I'm interested in hearing them. Thanks!
  19. Clients that check in with your console should receive a message to update themselves automatically if the console was updated. This process can break if the clients are connecting via VPN, or there is a problem uninstalling the current one. I'd first give one client a test by uninstalling/installing manually to see if there's any issues. Then on the next client, restart the client service, check the application log in Event Viewer for errors, and wait about 5-10 minutes to see if it updates itself. Following that, you'll want to reach out to Support to we can take a more in-depth look at what the client is doing.
  20. I am trying to update the endpoint agents. I can push this out via intune as an installer, but I need to be able to uninstall the old agent first. Anyone familiar with updating the client via intune? I can't do it from the smart deploy console because the console updated - which means I can't update drivers or software if needed. Seems counter productive. The console should be able to update the client if the version is out of date.
  21. Thanks, hopefully it would be an optional setting in the future.
  22. It is purposefully not set to be automatic, as we want to avoid any unintentional overwriting of files. I can share your post with our feedback team for evaluation.
  23. I am finding that in Platform Packs I always want the latest drivers and I would also like them updated in the cloud and I would like this done automatically. Currently I have to select each pack and update it and then a second step of uploading the new version to the cloud. It's very time consuming and it gets out of sync. Can I get some info on how to set this up or is there a reason it's not automatic?
  24. Thanks very much. I'm changing some things around as I was maintaining two machines...won't get into why. Consolidating and will probably step through the OOBE, throw on the agent then image from console. Thanks again.
  25. USB is probably the best way to go, if you're unboxing new laptops. Unless you have a WDS host that you can upload your SmartDeploy boot image to, and PXE boot your new systems. The 3rd method for deploying with SmartDeploy involves pushing the deployment from the console to clients, which would require you to unbox the new systems, step through OOBE, then install the client, and get them connected to your host. I would first configure my Answer File to use the BIOS Asset Tag field for the computer name, if I hadn't done that already. Then I'd unbox a few laptops at a time, boot into BIOS and set the name Windows needs to use, and then boot into SmartDeploy and let the unattended deployment do it's thing. While those work, I'd get to unboxing the next round. You can also configure your Answer File to shut down after the initial deployment. This will allow you to grind through the first stage a bit faster. Then, as you need to deliver laptops to any person, or lab, the next time you turn them on, they'll complete the sysprep portion of the deployment.
  26. Try this: This is in the Advanced options of the Answer file. Make sure you have this line. If not, it might be causing your issue.
  27. I have used SD with 7060s and 7070s without any issue, but I am using either PXE boot or Network deploy from the server.
  28. No because I have -10000% control over the servers. But its very slow scrolling, searching for a PC. Oh and don't get me started, downloading a driver pack will sometimes freeze at 51%. If it were up to me, it would be running on a non-VMed 2019 server outside of the internal network. So thus...I doubt that SmartDeploy plays any part in this. Its my server/virus protection thats causing my issues. However my IT manager wants us to get a tool that does EVERYTHING all in one. Imaging, auditing of hardware and software, software install, etc.
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