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  2. keep getting this error when trying to capture image. Any help? CaptureVirtualDisks.Capture returned: 1392. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
  3. I installed the console on a HyperV host which allows me USB access, and allows for VM master machines.
  4. I am having this same problem " I can't get any application packs to install. Looks like the C:\windows\temp\!sdspk folder doesn't exist either.". Has there been a resolution? I am starting with just trying the Fire Fox pack before I go creating my own pack, and even the smart deploy ready Fire Fox pack will not deploy. we are pushing to a win10 machine that was imaged with smart deploy. My gut is telling me this may be a permissions issue since our win10 newly imaged machine is not on the domain and I'm not sure what rights are being used by the smart deploy console when pushing the pack to the agent for installation. Please advise. Bernadette UPDATE: I tried pushing Firefox twice approximately 30 min apart. I just tried again and this time it ran! totally confusing as i did nothing to rectify the situation and i just deployed the application pack the same way as I did the first 2 times. I have no virus protection on the newly imaged win10 machine i'm pushing the applications to but I do have trend installed on the smart deploy console. Is that a potential issue? Bernadette
  5. Last week
  6. Thanks! Didn't know that would cause the client to delete itself. Silently, I hope?
  7. Hello andrew.holt With these PC's in computer management from the console, you can simply delete them from there and the clients (these machines) will receive the message to uninstall themselves.
  8. Hello! I've got a request from on high to uninstall the SD client from laptops in our environment, for the following reason: "The upgrade of the management console forced an upgrade on the client which then caused an unexpected and unprompted reboot on at least one laptop." I haven't heard of more instances of this behaviour, but am fine with removing this from our laptops as there's no need to remotely image them (people can just walk them over to me). So: Is there a command-line option, or server-based command, to send a "delete yourself" command out to a given SD client app, or several at a time?
  9. I second this, I've largely been ignoring this issue post deployments. But I've also experienced it in Windows 10 Pro 1903.
  10. Any update on this? I have this issue as well with Windows 10 Pro1903 image.
  11. Hi Kamsobe, We'll reach out via email to assist further. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  12. Hi Allen, We have a script that can assist with this - you won't be able to push it out with the new console, obviously, but if you have some other means of pushing it out to each endpoint, it would have the effect of pointing that endpoint toward whatever hostname or IP address you specify. I've opened a support ticket for you - please expect an email shortly. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  13. Hi, I know how the licensing works. I understand that only devices that are going to be no longer used in any capacity should have their license revoked. That is not my question. One of my clients has many sites. So instead of shipping a decommissioned machine back, they may just dispose of it themselves at that location. I do not always get the memo... I want to know how the status indicator works so that I have another failsafe to catch machines that have been decommissioned without my knowledge. That way I can at least not waste a SmartDeploy license.
  14. Hello We've just built a new server with the latest version of SmartDeploy installed. To be on the safe side we had this server named differently while testing the latest version along side our existing SDE server and now wish to bring it into production and decommission the old server. However we now wish to update 1900+ devices running SmartDeploy client to point to the new server. Is there a config file we can update and push out or will we have to create a new SD client installer and re-install this on all of our client devices? Regards Allen
  15. Hi Kamsobe, If you reimage a computer with SmartDeploy, that machine is counted against your license count. With Per Machine licenses, you can reimage the same computer as many times as you wish without ever consuming more than 1 license per machine. A SmartDeploy license remains attached to that computer until you decommission it, which can be done via the SmartDeploy customer portal. This should only be done for computers that are leaving your environment permanently and will never again be reimaged with SmartDeploy. If you have any further licensing questions, please feel free to reach out to licensing@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  16. I'm curious what the criteria for the "Active" status on the licensing page is? Over a hundred endpoints and all are green. While I don't think that's completely unlikely, I want to at least make sure I understand what the criteria is for a green "Active" status is so that no broken and old machines are still using up a license for too long. Is there a certain period of inactivity before the status will change color? Thanks
  17. Hi Benjamin, They're one and the same - a search for Latitude 3189 only yields one result from Dell: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/latitude-11-3189-2-in-1-laptop/overview When we're naming a pack, we tend to respect whatever model identifier is listed in the system firmware, which in this case is simply Latitude 3189. Dell is generally pretty good about making their online listings match what's in the system firmware, but there are exceptions, and this is one of them. Go ahead and download the pack and let us know if you have any issues - support@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  18. Is the Dell Latitude 3189 platform pack missing? I only see the 2-in-1 version of the platform pack in Smartdeploy.
  19. This morning I checked for updates on the virtual machine that I re-produced this sysprep error, a cumulative update (KB4512508) was available. I installed this and found that my VM was once again able to sysprep.
  20. Earlier
  21. I've confirmed that this update does indeed break sysprep. I've circulated logs with the team, we'll take a look at it but it may be up to Microsoft to correct this. Until then we'll have to ask users to rollback the update before capturing their image.
  22. Hi the_ringleader, Given the specificity of the issue, we're prepping a VM to test it on our end right now. We can't be sure if we'll be able to find a resolution for this if it's a bad update breaking Sysprep (until Microsoft releases an update of their own to fix it), but we'll see what we can do in the meantime. Stay tuned - we'll post any updates here. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  23. I'm considering that a workaround, not a resolution, fyi. I would like to keep my image updated, so this will still be hanging out there. I'm willing to collect logs if it's helpful.
  24. After a roll back i was successful. Post can be closed
  25. Note, I did rollback this update in the reference and re-captured. Deploy works OK again.
  26. Hey Jeff, I can't tell if it's bold...but it says the last heartbeat was less than a minute ago. And when I check that temp location, I am not finding anything for Chrome. Also, I am using the Chrome application pack provided by you guys, so the arguments and configuration of it should be correct.
  27. Dave, First, you'll want to make sure that the client you're pushing the app pack too appears in the Computer Management workspace with bold text. This indicates that the connection is healthy. When you deploy an application pack, it's copied to the client, and extracted to C:\Windows\Temp\!sdspk\Application Manager\appname\Files. You can watch that folder to confirm that the installer files are being copied over and extracted correctly. If they are, then that's a good indication that something is holding up the installation process, or that the arguments in the pack are incorrect and it's not silently installing.
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