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  2. Hey, currently getting an error when trying to capture a VHD. I go through the capture process like normal and then I get an error stating: "Unable to mount the virtual volume" and nothing else. I have tried restarting the image multiple times, ran all updates, and shut down in the proper way with no luck. I'm also currently on the latest SmartDeploy build (2.0.3065). I have attached the capture log from the SmartDeploy folder. Thanks for any help! Capture.log
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  4. And do you believe this was fixed in 3065? I just looked at a small sample in my enterprise - but they do now seem to be running as expected with the service set to manual. And, yes, aware of the difference between the 2 services. Thanks!
  5. Hi Ted, I can confirm that there were some instances observed where the "SmartDeploy" service was stuck on 'Starting" on systems deployed with .3060. This is a service that's used in deployment and should be expected to be disabled, and not running. To be clear, this is different than the "SmartDeploy Enterprise Client Service" service that will only be present if the option to install the Client was enabled in the Answer File, or manually installed after deployment. This service should be set to Automatic (Delayed), and running.
  6. ok - so, something fixed after I rebooted the deployment workstation - so now .3065 has install on the remote PCs. I'll check a few and see if it installs properly. But could you please clarify if it's still supposed to be "manual" or "automatic"? Thanks
  7. Oh - and more fun -- I just installed .3065 to see if that might fix the problem and all of my clients are getting the orange exclamation triangle saying "install error"!
  8. Is this by design? Since I installed .3060 - and SmartDeploy pushed the new agents, all of my clients have their SmartDeploy launching agent in "Automatic" mode - I thought it was supposed to be manual? It also seems to be perpetually "starting" If I log into an individual user and kill the agent task, go into services and set it to manual and then restart the machine, it seems to work correctly. Any ideas?
  9. Hi Brad801 – We appreciate your interest in SmartDeploy and for taking the time to provide thoughtful feedback. From the copy presented and graphic, I can see why there would be some confusion. We’ll take a look at making copy edits so that it is more clear, we certainly don’t want to deceive or mislead our customers. The graphic and copy are attempting to represent that SmartDeploy gives you efficient ways of managing each of these content layers. The idea is to get customers thinking that you don’t have to have monolithic, hardware-dependent images. You can decouple workflows for managing these different layers and that is really the point. SmartDeploy allows you to: Migrate user data and settings from one machine to another. User data and settings can also be retained when re-imaging the same device. Push discrete applications, updates, and execute scripting commands to devices after imaging them. You can include apps in your images too, most customers do. You can also script the application install process as part of an imaging process as well. We use a VM to create your golden image. When we capture that VM, we make a WIM of it and sanitize it so the WIM is free of anything other than software information (OS, patch level, and applications). Works with any version of Windows from 7 to any flavor of 10. The graphic is meant to show this flexibility. Hardware information is managed with Platform Packs, bespoke, curated driver packages that have all the hardware-specific drivers and information. You download these from our product and allows your image, apps, and data to be applied to whatever hardware you like. I hope this helps, if we can be of any further assistance to you at this time, please call 888-7DEPLOY or email sales@smartdeploy.com or support@smartdeploy.com. Best regards, -Spencer
  10. Has anyone tried to make a admin pack for Creative Cloud and/ or CS6, just curious. It is such a large program, not sure how practical it is.
  11. Erik, is there a way to modify settings in the BIOS on deploy? For example, if a machine has both an integrated and discrete GPU, is there a way to set the option to only use the discrete GPU if the BIOS supports that option? Thanks!
  12. Guys, The SmartDeploy website markets the product like so: WINDOWS UPDATES - "Update Windows from on-prem network or cloud using wired or wireless" - "By separating the driver layer and application layer from the OS layer, IT can push a new Windows version instead of time consuming in-place upgrades or patch management processes..." - Fancy graphic showing user data, apps, and drivers staying in place with OS Layer 1809 being replaced by 1903. To me, it seems pretty clear that SmartDeploy is advertising the ability to deploy feature updates via OS Layer replacement. Is the website wrong or is SmartDeploy support wrong? Are there instructions somewhere showing how to replace just the OS Layer of a PC to do the task shown by the fancy graphic?
  13. I normally create a fresh install, but this 1909 version is not typical. I'm upgrading and testing now. Thank you.
  14. Our official recommendation is to always install the version of Windows 10 that you want to deploy, direct from ISO. In-place upgrades often cause problems. These are problems that are usually too complicated to bother fixing, (Or the update simply broke sysprep) resulting in building a new Reference VM anyway. That being said, I have tested (as I usually do) performing an in-place upgrade to v1909 and capturing and deploying my test image successfully. I should note, that this was a VM with zero additional software installed. I would make a back-up of your virtual machine before trying the update and capture/deployment. (You can use snapshots, you'll just need to use a warm capture to capture your image.)
  15. From what I'm reading, it seems the 1909 build is more like a regular update than a new code rewrite. I also cannot find an "Enterprise" ISO that isn't an Evaluation Edition as the only one I can find is for Home or Pro versions. Can we update our Reference Machines to 1909 via normal update instead of a fresh install without breaking deployment?
  16. At my previous employment we had dozens of Meraki switches spread across several buildings and we had no deployment issues.
  17. size of image doesn't change and after closing this window nothing seems to happen. No status window or update. also last modified date doesn't change
  18. can you recommend a platform pack (from the downloads)that has this OS node in it ?
  19. Hi Guy, Ah, understood. In that case, we'll want to have a look at a logset from this deployment. I'll reach out to you via email with instructions. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  20. Hi Glen, The middle task that copies the file to C:\Platform was just a test I added in to see if I could get anything to run in FirstLogon. I chose the Platform folder to avoid possible Windows permissions issues. It doesn’t run - no file is copied. The task has no significance to the workflow though. The 3rd task is the important one, but it also doesn’t run. There is another script run earlier as a PostImage task, from the same answer file, that copies several files from the SmartDeploy server to C:\Windows\Setup ready for the FirstLogon task, including sd_firstlogon_bas.cmd. I can see in the deployed image later on that they’re all there ready to go. I just cant seem to get the 3rd task to execute.
  21. Hi Guy, When you run tasks during the same phase (such as your two FIRSTLOGON tasks), they don't necessarily run in the order you've specified, and one does not wait until the other has completed before running. So it's possible that your command to copy the script from C:\Windows\Setup to C:\Platform is not finishing before Windows attempts to run the other command, so it's failing because it can't find the script. You could put the copy command into FIRSTBOOT instead, but I'm not quite clear on why it's necessary at all. I assume that sd_postimage_bas.cmd is copying it into C:\Windows\Setup in the first place? Is there any reason why it couldn't just be copied directly to C:\Platform? (in WindowsPE, this would be T:\Platform, but it's the same folder), or (alternately) executed directly from C:\Windows\Setup? It just seems to me that the copy command is an unnecessary point of failure. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  22. Hi, I've recently updated MDT from 8450 to 8456, SmartDeploy from 3040 to 3060 and built a Windows 10 1909 image from scratch in same way as I've done previously with 1803. The SmartDeploy answer file specifies a PostImage script that copies various files to the deployed image for further configuration. This works. The answer file also specifies a FirstLogon script that runs a StartMenu/Taskbar modification script and a computer naming/domain join script. The FirstLogon script doesn't seem to run now though. The answer file and scripts are all ones I've used successfully before. I've triple-checked for typos and syntax errors. I tried modifying the answer file and including a simple FirstLogon file copy as a test, but the file wasn't copied. This is the relevant part of the answer file including the test copy in the middle task: <tasks> <task> <phase>POSTIMAGE</phase> <command>cmd.exe /c Z:\configfiles\sd_postimage_bas.cmd</command> </task> <task> <phase>FIRSTLOGON</phase> <command>cmd.exe /c copy C:\windows\setup\sd_firstlogon_bas.cmd C:\Platform\testcopy.cmd</command> </task> <task> <phase>FIRSTLOGON</phase> <command>cmd.exe /c C:\windows\setup\sd_firstlogon_bas.cmd</command> </task> </tasks> This is the sd_firstlogon_bas.cmd script called in the 3rd task above: @echo off REM SmartDeploy FirstLogon - BAS cmd.exe /c C:\windows\setup\starttaskbar_import_bas.cmd cmd.exe /c C:\windows\setup\computernamedomainjoin.cmd Previously the image would deploy and the first logon was as the local Administrator with manual password input. The FirstLogon script ran during this logon and the desktop came up with the computername/domain join script paused waiting for input. Not now. Stumped. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  23. This fixed our issue with the same error.
  24. Does anyone get's a solution now? I'm still having this Problem.
  25. Hello wajtech, There shouldn't be and none that were aware of. Are you experiencing any roadblocks or issues from pushing apps out? If so, please go ahead and email us at support@smartdeploy.com and we can surely take a look.
  26. I started another topic on this- I have Meraki switches at this site-- I was able to push out the exact same app package at another site
  27. Hi are there any known issues with Cisco Meraki switches and using SmartDeploy to push out Applications?
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