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  2. So what you're saying is... if we need images for different disciplines the best option would be to just create a new image and I have just wasted about a weeks worth of work trying to figure out why this isn't working...
  3. Win10: Calculator & other apps missing

    Please try returning to your master image, and booting into Audit mode and allowing 15-20 minutes for the Store apps to update. You may even try removing the original problem apps you mentioned above. Then re-capture and try the deployment again. We're still testing this behavior. Hopefully Microsoft fixes this sooner than later.
  4. Just noticed that the Windows Store doesn't open anymore.
  5. Nope, they were just gone. I just rolled back to 1703 on my gold image, did a redeploy to a laptop and the tiles are blank with garbled text below. Calculator/Sticky Notes wont open.
  6. Win10: Calculator & other apps missing

    In place of those apps, is there a tile with an arrow pointing down?
  7. We're also getting the issue after updating our gold image to 1709. Calculator/Sticky Notes App are missing from new user profiles.
  8. Something is may be going on. We might have to have you upload your image for us to investigate. Use the Collect Logs button in the SmartDeploy boot menu, and send that zip file and details to SmartDeploy support for further troubleshooting.
  9. Media Wizard Unmounting Image Error

    Hi Michael, Glad to hear it's going well otherwise! Per our message, we'll continue troubleshooting this one with the log that you sent via email. For anyone else reading, if you have experienced any errors with Media Wizard, feel free to contact us at support (at) smartdeploy.com, and send your Media Wizard log, which is located in the SmartDeploy directory (default location: C:\SmartDeploy\Logs\Media.log). Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support 888.7DEPLOY toll-free _____________________________ SmartDeploy® Learn about our award winning Windows deployment solutions www.smartdeploy.com www.deploycentral.com Twitter: @SmartDeploy Facebook: SmartDeploy Spiceworks: Spiceworks
  10. I tried installing that NVME patch on the reference machine and created another image but still get the same BSOD after imaging the laptop.
  11. Running into an error with Media Wizard while using my trial evaluation of Smart Deploy. So far everything has worked great but when creating either Boot Media or Offline Deployment Media I get an error: An error occurred while unmounting the image file, Media Wizard will now close. Looking at the progress bar it seems to fail while unmounting SmartPE. I tired multiple USB keys as well as a DVD-RW with no luck. Appreciate any help because so far I am really enjoying this product as an alternative to Symantec Ghost while my department is currently using.
  12. Win10: Calculator & other apps missing

    As I said;we're still testing the behavior of the AppX applications to be able to have repeat behavior. It's been a big pain point in sysprepping Windows 10. Certainly don't uninstall the Windows Store app. I'm not sure if there's a way to side-load that app. I have seen people who's run into errors where sysprep breaks in cases where they removed apps for one user, but not another. There are some TechNet discussions with some commands for using PowerShell to get a list of the AppX applications, and then uninstalling them for all local user accounts, however if you have only 2-3 local users, you can remove the apps manually. In any case; it's just going to require some testing.
  13. Yes, I downloaded straight from the portal, and tested it out to make sure it's working before I shut down. I will re-create my image then. Regarding the MS apps (Photos, Store), what do you think about uninstalling them first, and reinstalling once the computer has been imaged?
  14. Win10: Calculator & other apps missing

    Did you install Office via the Office 365 portal?; If so; you need to make sure that you don't actually open any of the Office applications on the reference virtual machine before you shutdown and capture it. If you did that; simply uninstall and reinstall Office.
  15. The BSOD error 0x0000007B is the Storage Device inaccessible screen we've seen, and resolved with the nVME patch I sent you. You may have to use the Collect Logs tool, and send that zip file and details to SmartDeploy support for further troubleshooting.
  16. Also, another thing I found is that Office 2016 now reports an error. Whenever I try to launch any of the Office 2016 apps, I get the error, "This App can't run on your PC."         206.458.7080  
  17. no I am not using the Copy Profile switch...
  18. Win10: Calculator & other apps missing

    Are you using the CopyProfile switch with Sysprep? You don't need to troubleshoot SmartDeploy in this case; it's a bug related to the AppX applications in Windows 10 1709 and Sysprep. There are numerous sysprep users reporting issues like that, with a range of possible solutions they've found. We're currently testing a solution. Please try creating a new VM, installing Windows 10, and do not make any changes to the Windows Store apps (as far as deleting/installing) and then trying again.
  19. I have tried with just KB2990941and with both KB2990941 + KB3087873 but the images made with either of those configurations still have the same BSOD.
  20. I am having this problem with the new version of SmartDeploy. I've done a reinstall of SmartDeploy, made sure all the Windows updates and Windows Store updates have been done, restarted the reference computer a couple of times, restarted the WDS server, and still no go. If I try to sign in using a new account, the apps pop up (greyed out). When I click on it, it looks like it is installing (with a white progress bar), but it never starts nor finishes. Any help would be appreciated...
  21. Did you also install the KB3087838 hotfix? I believe that both are required.
  22. Hi, I have 3 HP EliteBook 1040 G3 laptops that I have tried to image with Windows 7. Every time I tried to image one it would appear to image the computer normally but on the first boot up after imaging the system it will bluescreen when you see the Windows logo come up on the screen. The BSOD error code is 0x0000007B which has been the same error after every try. I have tried a number of things including: Building new boot media Updating Platform packs (as well as deleting the platform pack and re-downloading it) Image with different image files Updating the BIOS on the laptop Rolling back the Laptop BIOS to an earlier version I will also not that these Laptops have SSDs and were able to image and boot fine with a Windows 10 image. I have also tried installing the KB2990941 Hotfix on the Windows 7 reference machine and creating a new image but it ends up with the same error. The systems can install Windows 7 from a disc without problem but I have not yet been successful with imaging. Please advise on what I should try next.
  23. Windows 10 1709 "Fall" Update

    Thanks for the reply, I will have a look and see what I can leave in.
  24. When I took the image, I selected for use with WDS and only selected the OS partition, that seems to have worked.
  25. You know what it started doing the error again. I had to make a change in the image and tried to take the image all over again using the iso to put in the vm, and gets all the way to the end before i get the error. logs: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhwoICTP_02ug-4oQrAIKNYyEhgxIQ
  26. Windows 10 1709 "Fall" Update

    I am just leaving them in, as I found in the past major issues when messing with them. I do have some GPO's though that push a custom start menu and desktop from some users.
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