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  4. Hello, You'll want to check to make sure that you have a valid Multicast Transmission created on this WDS server. Right click on your install image and select Create Multicast Transmission, or delete the current one associated to your install image and recreate with the same steps. If you still encounter the same error, we have seen this if the .RWM is corrupted or associated to the wrong image somehow. - Delete your ImageGroup via the WDS interface - Create a new ImageGroup via the WDS interface - Import your Install image into the Imagegroup - Right click on your image and select "Create multi-cast transmission" - Attempt to re-deploy and say "Yes" when asked if it's a multicast transmission If the error code recurs, switch back to the SmartDeploy splash screen, click the Collect logs option, save the resulting zip file to an external location, and email it to us at support (at) - and be sure to reference this thread. Note that some organizations restrict sending zip files over email, so you may want to check with your IT department to make sure the email made it out with the attachment. Alternately, you can fill out our Support form, which includes a file upload option. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  5. So I keep getting this error code when attempting to multicast: 3240165637. I can unicast fine and have been able to use multicast from my WDS before.
  6. What we ended up doing was rebuilding the reference machine from scratch and installing everything with Windows in "Audit Mode". So far that has resolved the issue, but I'm still not done fully and have a lot of software yet to install. However, with Windows Updates, Microsoft Office, standardized apps, start menu, desktops, images, etc., it all looks good so far.
  7. I guess this is also why I am receiving this error with the Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline v10.1.0. SmartDeploy sees the Virtual Disk partitions in both the VMWare and VirtualBox 5 reference images I made, all of them, but for some reason I consistently get the error: "Unable to locate a system volume. At least one volume needs to contain an installation of Windows. Unable to continue. (Code: 1) Just trying to get a working deployment method with DVD/BluRay for a closed system.
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  9. Can I have an update of when the next release will be available, as I am unable to use the software until this bug is fixed. Thanks.
  10. Hi Chris, By design, the SmartDeploy console libraries must be in a [Drive]:\SmartDeploy folder on a local hard drive. That said, there's no requirement that you use the console libraries at all - when you download your Platform Packs, they will go to the default folder in the SmartDeploy directory (\Platform Packs), but you can certainly move them to a network share after that. When you use Media Wizard to create SmartDeploy media, and you're prompted to specify Platform Packs, you would just need to browse to the location where your Platform Packs are stored. Ditto your images, if you plan to store those on a network share as well. You'll need to test and make sure that you get reliable performance running through the usual SmartDeploy wizards with your files on a network share - we generally recommend keeping the files on a local hard drive when you're working with them (to avoid connectivity or authentication issues interfering with the process), but you may find that it works just fine in your network environment. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues - support (at) Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  11. Agree. Especially when VBScript is not the preferred method any longer in terms of scripting within a Windows environment. I know what I am saying are feature requests.. In Tasks: Allow to select the type of script being executed instead of having to wrap it within a batch file or calling out vbscript. Possible a script / text area so you paste in your script code into a task.
  12. No help? What's the point of a collaboration board if no one collaborates.
  13. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to change the platform pack library location? We have our platform packs and images on a DFS share replicating between our sites in the UK an the USA. Ideally i want to point it at the shared folder so it can update the platform packs and they then get replicated automatically. Currently i'm updating them on my local machine and then manually copying them to the DFS share to be replicated to our other sites. Thanks Chris
  14. I found a semi solution to this. If I add the machine off the domain, then add it after using Smart Deploy the domain accounts don't have the issue. The initial local account still always has the issue.
  15. Was there any resolution to this? The 1703 update is really cramping my SD style.....
  16. I am having this exact same issue. Golden Image looks fine but after SD - all those broken shortcuts show up. I am running the latest version of SD as of 9/7/2017 - 2.0.2080. Windows10 may force me to give up on SD entirely. This product worked great in Win7 but man nothing but issues trying to get it straightened out.
  17. When you create the WDS boot wim, you are asked to provide answer file. If you need to made a change to the answer file, you will indeed need to create a new WDS boot wim with the new answer file, and re-import it to your WDS server.
  18. Or do I have to create another boot media and import the wim file back into WDS? Can you update answer files and have the changes you make apply? Or do you have to recreate the wim file and put it back into WDS?
  19. Hello, There's no limit that I'm aware of. It's possible there's a syntax error that's preventing the field from populating properly, or this could just be a limitation we haven't yet seen in testing. Go ahead and email us your answer file to support (at), and we can take a look. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  20. Is there a limit to the number of organizational unit options that can be specified? I have 8 specified in an answer file, but am not getting a drop down listing of the options when I boot to my media.
  21. I have Smart deploy 2.0.2030 installed and am still getting this error. It only happens when I deploy a windows 10 image to a machine. I get an error that reads sysprep was not able to validate your Windows installation. Any clues as to what the issue might be?
  22. Thank you for the update. I will wait until the update is released next week.
  23. Hi there, Thanks for reaching out. This behavior is definitely not expected - assuming you've supplied a valid UNC path and set of credentials, the image path and name (and description, if present) should be populated in those fields, and - since this is a multi-image WIM file, you would then have the option of selecting one of the other images from the dropdown. Assuming that - when this occurs - you are able to manually map the network drive and continue with the deployment, this most likely indicates that you simply made a typo when saving the credentials in the Answer File Wizard. Credentials are hashed and salted in the Answer File exactly as entered (they are not validated at that time), so any typos at this stage will result in the behavior that you describe - a failure to automatically map the network drive and select the image, but no issues with network connectivity otherwise, and you are able to proceed with mapping the drive and selecting the image manually. To resolve the issue, right-click the answer file in the Answer File Library, and click Edit. Then re-save the answer file, either overwriting the answer file or saving a new one (safer option), carefully re-entering the credentials when prompted. Note that you will need to edit the newly saved answer file in Notepad and set the Skip values to "1" (for each page that you wish to skip) as you did before. Then recreate your media and retry deployment. Feel free to reach out by email if the issue persists - you can reach us at support (at), and be sure to reference this thread. Regards, Glenn SmartDeploy Support Team TECH RESOURCES SmartDeploy User Guides DeployCentral Forum Platform Pack RSS SOCIAL
  24. So I am still in the process of setting up smart deploy with our systems with wds. In the meantime I am using USB to boot to Smart Deploy. I have a total of 3 images in one .wim file. I would like to set up a usb drive to boot to Smartdeploy and show the image selection screen and nothing else. I would like to skip every screen except the one where you choose your image. Even if I put the image in the answer file when I do boot to smart deploy the image is blank and I have to map to it using a UNC path. I have attatched the answer file here. I have even tried to map the unc path using a startup script and it doesn't map. Any help would be appreciated SmartDeploy.xml
  25. Hi Dave, This is a known but in 2.0.2080 and is fixed in an internal build we are testing. The next release should be out in the next week. Sorry for the inconvenience, SmartDeploy Support
  26. I'm hoping that someone else has come across this before and has a solution. When the post image task is running it quits before it has completed the task (xcopy directories and files to the local drive). Also the post image tasks seem to run at the same time and not one after one another as you would expect (and used to happen). I have tried placing them in a batch file, which does seem to solve the running order but not the exiting before completion. I am using the latest version 2.0.2080 of SmartDeploy, Windows 10 image file using UEFI 64bit USB boot disk. Thanks.
  27. Hi, A recent Windows patch applied on a build 1511 caused issues for us and we ended up installing our VM-for-capture from scratch and re-captured our new image. This was a brand new install of Windows 10 Enterprise build 1703. We refreshed the USB Bootable thumb drive and are still getting this Sysprep error: System Preparation Tool 3.14 Sysprep was not able to validate your Windows installation. Review the log file at %WINDIR%\System32\Sysprep\Panther\setupact.log for details. After resolving the issue, uses Sysprep to validate your installation. [ OK ] What can we do to resolve this? We cannot re-install again. -Mario
  28. Hello - I use Kaseya as my RMM. The version of the agent changes from time to time, and I currently have a task to install the agent during deployment using the option, "Upon first boot as system". I have the agent install from the local drive, but I have to copy new agent versions to the reference machine, then recreate deployment packages. What I'd like to do is use the task as I have it now, but install the agent using a vbscript with the install file on the network. I could change out the file on the server without having to worry about my reference machine, images, deployment packages, etc. I'm still a little confused about what needs to update when I modify my reference machine. I'm fairly certain that I should update, refresh, recreate (not sure what to call it here) when my reference machines change. Do I then need recreate my deployment packages too? Documentation isn't the best. This confusion is why I'm looking to come up with a more static solution for 3rd party software that may change frequently. I don't want to have to recreate a bunch of stuff in SD every time something changes. Thanks for considering responding, and I hope my question makes sense? I searched here in the forum and didn't see anything that fit my particular question. I may be the only one confused about such things.
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