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  2. Any update on this issue? This is happening to me as well. Fresh Fall Creators Update installation Thanks
  3. Keyboard

    Hey Jeff, tkx for your tips but it doesn't work. <regional_settings> <time_zone>(GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)</time_zone> <input_locale> <ui_language>fr-CA</ui_language> <system_locale>fr-CA</system_locale> <user_locale>fr-CA</user_locale> <input_locale>fr-CA</input_locale> </input_locale> </regional_settings>
  4. Keyboard

    Here's a link to a blog topic that covers manually specifying the local settings in greater detail. You'll have better luck explicitly setting the language this way.
  5. Keyboard

    Yes, i set it to French Canada. But when i deployed my image, 3 new keyboards appear : 1 - French (france) - Francais 2 - French (Canada) - English (Canada) 3 - English (Canada) I set only (French Canada) - French (Canada) in VM as you can see in my images. I want to have (French Canada) - French (Canada) and not French (Canada) - English (Canada) in every settings without the 2 other ones.
  6. Keyboard

    The Answer File wizard offers you the opportunity to set the locale for the deployment. Have you set your locale there?
  7. Keyboard

    Hey guys, i'm tring to figure out how to set my keyboard for all user and Welcome screen in my answer file. Can you tell me how to set Fr-CA in my image deployement! See images, sorry for french part tkx
  8. Deploying Windows 10 sysprep error

    We do recommend to avoid in-place upgrades, of Windows, and any other software if possible.
  9. Migration Stuck/Paused

    Glad to hear it completed the copy. That stage of the deployment is using the normal Windows copy commands. There's no standard time to copy regardless of size since given all the factors that can affect the copy time. If there's an error, or it doesn't progress you can cancel to return to the SmartDeploy boot menu, open a command prompt and locate the X:\Windows\Temp\Scanstate.log file. This can shed some light on what's happening. (Alternatively, you can click the Collect Logs button on the SD boot menu and this log will be included in the zip file.)
  10. Migration Stuck/Paused

    Update: It's now 12:38p and the USMT.MIG file has finally progressed to the expected value of 3.9GB. The client computer has also progressed to the "cleaning volume 1 of 1" stage. So, does anyone have any input on what caused the delay? Hi, I've been testing the Deployment and migration parts of SDE on a few computers and one seems to be stuck uploading the backup data. The computer began the deployment process just fine, rebooted into Smart Deploy, and began "migrating user". I watched as the USMT.MIG file on the server climbed to 2.4GB at 11:05am. Now, at 12PM, the file has not increased and the computer has not progressed to the next stage. Is there something I can do to force the machine to progress? Would this introduce a chance of data loss? Can I restart the machine with no ill effects? If yes, what do I need to delete to re-run the deployment? I assume the server's copy of the MIG as well as the local client copy? There are no log files pertaining to the old or new computer name. Answer file snippet regarding Migration settings is below: <migration> <protected_folder>Backup</protected_folder> <virtualization_platform /> <create_desktop_shortcut>false</create_desktop_shortcut> <files_to_exclude /> <usmt_migration>true</usmt_migration> <migrate_user_settings>true</migrate_user_settings> <migrate_application_settings>true</migrate_application_settings> <migrate_documents>true</migrate_documents> <hardlink_migration /> <network_migration>true</network_migration> <hardlink_migration_path /> <network_migration_path>\\[SERVER_NAME]\c$\_smartdeploybackupspace</network_migration_path> </migration>
  11. Deploying Windows 10 sysprep error

    Yep, registry fix didn't work for me either. I was successful once I went to my Microsoft Volume License account and downloaded the most up-to-date version of Windows 10, with the Fall Creator's update already installed as part of the image. You will have to do the same in order to be successful.
  12. Deploying Windows 10 sysprep error

    I have version 2.0.2092 and I am still having this same issue. I tried the registry mod to fix the "upgraded version issue" but it has made no difference.
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  14. CaptureVirtual Disks. Capture returned: 87

    This sort of error could be caused by; Anti-Virus or some other security software installed on your reference VM Snap-shots of your reference VM The reference VM configured to use EFI mode Anti-virus software on your SmartDeploy host I would address those items first, and try again. If you need to have A/V software on your image, I recommend using the Tasks pane to script the installation post image. Following that, if you still have issues try a warm capture which is outlined on page 76 of the user guide. https://www.smartdeploy.com/wp-content/uploads/SmartDeployUsersGuide_V2.pdf
  15. Hello, I wasn't sure if anyone could assist me in this regards of this error message. It's a Win10 vm (running SDE 2.0.2097)
  16. Computer Management

    This isn't a common problem. Something like this would require a review of the logs after deployment. You can contact support@smartdeploy.com (attach the logs from deployment) and we'll take a look. My first step would be creating a new answer file, and new boot media and re-trying deployment to rule out those pieces as potential culprits.
  17. M.2 SSD

    We have changed methods for this particular driver. We have a patch for installing direct to your Windows 7 reference VM, instead of placing the driver in the platform pack. Contact support@smartdeploy.com for details and access to this patch.
  18. New to SmartDeploy

    As of this time, SmartDeploy does not install software packages on their own. You would need to include your desired software in your image by installing in on your reference VM before capturing.
  19. Computer Management

    Hi, Why would the Smart Deploy Enterprise Client not install during the imaging process even if it's configured in the answer file? I get a "smart deploy" service when the process is done, but not "Smart Deploy Enterprise Client". Is there any way to force a client to make a heartbeat to the console when you only have the "smart deploy" service?
  20. M.2 SSD

    We have the M.2 SSD in the 7050s. Would you be able to update the platform pack for the Dell 7050 for the NVMe drive?
  21. New to SmartDeploy

    Is it possible in SmartDeploy to deploy Software packages to specific computer.
  22. WDS Image error

    EDIT: Turns out it was an issue with VirtualBox and the shared folder. Once I copied the WIM files over to my VM, they were recognized correctly. Actually, this still isn't working with Win 10 1703. I've spun up a new instance of Server 2016 and am still having issues.
  23. WDS Image error

    It appears to be an issue with 1709. https://www.windows-noob.com/forums/topic/15897-upload-capture-image-to-wds-credential-window-different/ Thanks for your help.
  24. WDS Image error

    You can use the SmartDeploy Cmd Prompt command; smartwim /info [wim file] to view details of the wim to make sure it's ok. Other than that I'd make sure you have the latest version of SmartDeploy installed, and try uploading a different boot wim to your WDS host to rule out a problem there. If you have a support contract with SmartDeploy, you can contact support@smartdeploy.com for additional help.
  25. WDS Image error

    I followed those instructions and found myself here.
  26. WDS Image error

    You'll need to make sure you are using the Media wizard to create and upload your WDS boot media, before uploading your Windows 10 image file. Here's the link to the SmartDeploy guide for integrating with WDS. Try starting back at the top of this document. https://www.smartdeploy.com/wp-content/uploads/SmartDeploy_WDS.pdf
  27. WDS Image error

    I've been trying to build WDS boot media based on Win 10 x64 1709. I've captured the image and created the media, but when I go to import it into WDS, I get an "Invalid Image File" which says that the file doesn't contain a valid boot image. I've started the process from scratch a number of times with the same result.
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