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  1. Nope. They recommend to build a new master image from 1809 instead of upgrading from 1803. I'm going to wait for now until Microsoft updates 1809 some more. I really don't need any features from 1809 right now. I usually update my images over the summer.
  2. I just put in a support ticket Thanks!
  3. The version number in my answer file still shows an old version. Do I have to redo my answer file? I did create new media.
  4. Did you ever get this fixed? I updated to the new version and I also still get the failure at sysprep. I created new media.
  5. I just tried on a server 2016 and I was able to create the media. So maybe something with version 1809??
  6. I’m already on the newest version. Just downloaded it today.
  7. I updated our Windows 10 1803 VM to 1809 and captured the changes. When I try to create new media it gets stuck on "mounting boot image" We are on the latest version of SmartDeploy. The computer that I build the images is on Windows 10 1809. Has anyone had this problem? Should I have to create a new answer file? Thanks, Jason
  8. You don't have to sysprep. Smartdeploy does this for you. You can also create an unintended answer file. If you go to smartdeploys website and click on support there are step by step directions on building a master image.
  9. After updating to the latest version of Smartdeploy we are having an error messages pop up during creating answer files and creating media. We can click ok to the message to continue, but when we deploy the image the same message pops up when we try to deploy and stays at the imaging menu. I do have windows assessment and deployment kit for windows installed and silverlight. Searching the error message seems to be a silverlight error. The only other change is that I made a new image for the new Windows version 1703. Has anyone else seen this issue? Thanks for your help Jason
  10. We had this issue and it was a problem with our group policy settings. UAC needs to be enabled for the start menu and the store to work.
  11. Did you get this working? We are trying to install avast client with a script, it copies the avast folder to program files but it never installs??
  12. Sounds like maybe a group policy issues. We had the same problem. UAC needs to be enabled on Windows 10 for the start button and apps to work. Maybe after log off or restart you are getting the correct policy. We add a restart batch file at first boot up. Then the computer polices get applied.
  13. We just switched from Dell Kbox2000 to smartdeploy. One of the best decisions we have made for imaging software. You do need to have a WDS server to PXE boot. Very easy to setup and image from. Feel free to email me any questions you have.
  14. I had the same problem with our image saying it needed to reboot after deployment and then it crashed. I noticed that I ran windows update and shut down my VM and captured. The update needed a reboot. I would check your image to make sure there are no updates that require a reboot and then capture again.
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