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  1. Added a note of clarification above, for everyone's info. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  2. Hi Dustin, We'll follow up with you via email about this - we'll need a bit more info about your environment to determine how best to proceed. Expect an email shortly. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  3. Hi C, The default answer file mode is unattended - and to be clear, if an answer file is unattended, the "skip=#" values will be ignored, and the entirety of Deploy Wizard will be hidden. This is how this option behaved previously, and this has not changed. What's new is - if you click into the Answer File Wizard | Advanced options, and change the answer file from unattended to attended, then the checkboxes to skip each Deploy Wizard page will appear, and will be respected by any attended media that uses the new answer file. Edit: Please note, console-initiated deployments are always unattended, and skip values are not supported for this method. But they can be used for USB/DVD media, or WDS/PXE boot media. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  4. Hi Amanda, The 'warm capture' is typically VM specific. There could be something about your host environment that is interfering with the functionality of Capture Wizard - domain security policy and antivirus software (this isn't the case in your scenario) are common culprits. It is for this reason that we provide two different methods for capture, and I can assure you that the resulting .wim file is identical whether it is captured using either method (it is literally the same Capture Wizard running in either context - the only difference is the OS environment that it is being executed in). Were currently in the process of making the Capture wizards performance better but the warm capture method isn't intended to be an alternative, per se - just another tool in the toolbox. We have many customers whose secure environments render it impractical to run Capture Wizard directly, and they've decided as a practical matter that it's easiest to just run warm capture every time they need to capture a new image. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@smartdeploy.com
  5. Hello Tfallert, You can use your skip feature which is illustrated on page 118 in our user guide here You'll be able to skip certain pages in the deploy wizard so that it will prompt you for the computer name.
  6. Hi Jason, That's great news, thanks for sharing it. Hopefully this issue is finally over. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  7. Hi DeJeon, No, by design, computers with the SmartDeploy client installed can only be managed by a single specific console, identified by the hostname or IP that you specified when you created the installer package. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  8. Hi DeJeon, You've hit upon the fundamental issue here, which is that USB passthrough from a host to a VM is unreliable. Many of them rely on virtual machine additions that simply don't offer the same level of functionality that would be present on a physical host. Because SmartDeploy is licensed per deployed endpoint, there is no licensing restriction that would prevent you from installing the SmartDeploy console on multiple computers. Rather than struggle with trying to make passthrough work reliably, our recommendation is to simply install SmartDeploy on a secondary physical workstation (such as any standard business laptop or desktop) for the purpose of creating USB media. You can temporarily copy down any images or Platform Packs that you plan to use, and then create the media without issue. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues - support@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  9. Hi Ajainin, We'll need to see a complete logset from this deployment - we'll send a reply to your email with further instructions. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  10. Jonathan, We have received your logs when you contacted support and are reviewing them now. I'll be reaching out shortly. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  11. Hello DeJeon, Welcome to the SmartDeploy community! Currently, you cannot choose your installation directory for both the SmartDeploy installation and the SmartDeploy client. You can however change where your SmartDeploy directory is stored via Settings in the SmartDeploy console. This is where all your virtual machines, images, etc will be stored in case you're lacking space on your C:\ drive. Hope that helps, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  12. Hi Chris, This is pretty common behavior in WindowsPE - the drive letters can be a bit unusual while Windows is getting installed due to the variable order in which system devices can initialize, and this can vary by computer model, so it's equally unsurprising that C:\ has worked on some models but not on this one. Luckily, it's an issue we have to deal with at deployment time as well, so we create two drive letters specifically for our use in the PE environment, and you're welcome to reference them in Tasks or scripts in PE for your purposes as well. T:\ refers to the primary OS partition on Disk 0, which will eventually (after reboot) become C:\. S:\ refers to the system reserve partition, which you likely won't have to interact with in any way; just mentioning it here for reference. So replacing C:\ with T:\ in your existing task to copy from a location on %SmartDeploy_Media% should work just fine. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues - support@smartdeploy.com. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  13. It's the same for all new Dell's really. The machine needs to be in it's default settings. UEFI only, Legacy disabled, SecureBoot On. Then on the F12 screen you need to ensure you make a UEFI boot selection, and not a Legacy selection. Once booted to SmartDeploy the lower right-hand corner has to say UEFI and not BIOS.
  14. Hello, We will need to take a look at some deployment logs in order to see what caused this. Please boot to SmartDeploy media on the affected device click the Collect logs option, save the resulting zip file to an external location. Submit your logs here and please reference this forum post. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  15. Kamosobe, Can you restart the console service on the console host first, and then the client?
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