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  1. Hello, Can you send us your Application.evtx from C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs on the SmartDeploy host and we can take a look. Please submit a ticket here. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  2. Hi Dejeon, Not a stupid question at all! Licensing is per deployment. 1 license is used per 1 unique deployment and it's tracked via the machine's hardware. You can re-image the same machine as many times as you want with any operating system we support and still only use 1 license. Renaming does not affect licensing. For more information regarding licensing be sure to read our licensing page here. Some users find the FAQ section at the bottom of the page helpful. Hope that clears everything up! Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  3. Hello, We'll reach out via email to troubleshoot this further. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  4. Hi BSmith, Glad to hear it - please feel free to reach out if we can assist with anything else. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  5. Just to clarify, when is the reboot happening? Are you able to get into the SmartDeploy boot environment and apply the image?
  6. Hello, Yes, you can deploy to a virtual machine. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  7. Hello, Just to clarify, I assume you don't want that license file on every deployed machine then? If so, you could simply put the license file on your image. If you want the license file deployable, you would use the copy task in the Application Pack manager like below. Thanks, Devon SmartDeploy Support
  8. Hi Sergio, You simply need to use a user account that is a local admin on the console host, and which has these privileges available. A domain administrator would generally have these, although for security reasons, I might suggest you use a service account that only has the privileges required. If you open an admin command prompt and run the whoami /priv command (as you did), if the privilege appears on the list at all, then the user has that permission. The enabled/disabled column simply indicates whether the privilege is in use by the current process (the command prompt itself). So if you see the privileges on the list, the current user account can use SmartDeploy. Glenn SmartDeploySupport
  9. Hi Melissa, We'll reach out to you via email regarding this. There's no reason that we're aware of that is specific to the 1909 ISO that should be causing this failure, so we'll need to investigate this further. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  10. Hi Stone, We'll reach out via email to troubleshoot this further. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  11. Hi Brad801 – We appreciate your interest in SmartDeploy and for taking the time to provide thoughtful feedback. From the copy presented and graphic, I can see why there would be some confusion. We’ll take a look at making copy edits so that it is more clear, we certainly don’t want to deceive or mislead our customers. The graphic and copy are attempting to represent that SmartDeploy gives you efficient ways of managing each of these content layers. The idea is to get customers thinking that you don’t have to have monolithic, hardware-dependent images. You can decouple workflows for managing these different layers and that is really the point. SmartDeploy allows you to: Migrate user data and settings from one machine to another. User data and settings can also be retained when re-imaging the same device. Push discrete applications, updates, and execute scripting commands to devices after imaging them. You can include apps in your images too, most customers do. You can also script the application install process as part of an imaging process as well. We use a VM to create your golden image. When we capture that VM, we make a WIM of it and sanitize it so the WIM is free of anything other than software information (OS, patch level, and applications). Works with any version of Windows from 7 to any flavor of 10. The graphic is meant to show this flexibility. Hardware information is managed with Platform Packs, bespoke, curated driver packages that have all the hardware-specific drivers and information. You download these from our product and allows your image, apps, and data to be applied to whatever hardware you like. I hope this helps, if we can be of any further assistance to you at this time, please call 888-7DEPLOY or email sales@smartdeploy.com or support@smartdeploy.com. Best regards, -Spencer
  12. Hi Guy, Ah, understood. In that case, we'll want to have a look at a logset from this deployment. I'll reach out to you via email with instructions. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  13. Hi Guy, When you run tasks during the same phase (such as your two FIRSTLOGON tasks), they don't necessarily run in the order you've specified, and one does not wait until the other has completed before running. So it's possible that your command to copy the script from C:\Windows\Setup to C:\Platform is not finishing before Windows attempts to run the other command, so it's failing because it can't find the script. You could put the copy command into FIRSTBOOT instead, but I'm not quite clear on why it's necessary at all. I assume that sd_postimage_bas.cmd is copying it into C:\Windows\Setup in the first place? Is there any reason why it couldn't just be copied directly to C:\Platform? (in WindowsPE, this would be T:\Platform, but it's the same folder), or (alternately) executed directly from C:\Windows\Setup? It just seems to me that the copy command is an unnecessary point of failure. Glenn SmartDeploy Support
  14. Hello wajtech, There shouldn't be and none that were aware of. Are you experiencing any roadblocks or issues from pushing apps out? If so, please go ahead and email us at support@smartdeploy.com and we can surely take a look.
  15. Hello Livesystems, Similar as to mentioned above, we'll need to take a look at a log set to see what's going on. Could you email our support email support@smartdeploy.com ?
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