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  1. Hi, We've been using your SmartDeploy "PE" environment Interview Wizard to create and export unattend.xml format files to capture subsequent Workflows so Technicians can reduce the time they have to spend at each station being image deployed. Initially I believe I walked through everything and successfully deployed using WDS Multicasting However, after I exported the captured Unattend.xml file and manually selected (or re-targeted) the configuration to point at new Image files stored in Z:\Images\reminst\[image name] They no longer appear to be Multicasting I read elsewhere in the Blogs here that Z:\Images\[multi-casting groupname]\reminst\[image name] was the correct format First, is that information correct, is that the format that should be used to reference a Multi-casting image "by groupname" Second, is that "sufficient" or are there other XML tags required to "hint" at the WDS Multicasting preferred process? I assume if the multi-cast groupname is not available, such a workflow will not "fallback" to using a similar named image in just the Z:\Images\reminst path.. that looks so obvious I feel silly asking.. but the Multi-casting process is very lightly documented by Microsoft. Thanks
  2. Hello, I believe its best practice when using XML formatted data files to create a Reference or Dictionary of all legal terms for its intended purpose. I was wondering if Prowess might make that available Both as an aide to creating SmartDeploy unattend.xml files (since they are not the same as WinPE unattend files) and illuminating possible uses. I realize the SmartDeploy Interview Wizard is being used as a type and format checker, but it would still be very helpful when troubleshooting or debugging, especially in XML editors like XML Marker Thanks
  3. It would be really helpful to have either a "Create Local User - After Deployment" page that collected a Local username to create an account for and a default password. Or a generic "Environment Variable" collection page say as in Var1 = Var2 = Var3 = Which we could re-purpose and reference in the Advanced "Tasks" For example Phase = FirstBoot Task 1 "c:\windows\cmd.exe /c net create %Var1% %Var2% " Currently we are automating everything except for collecting the ComputerName Interview Question But sometimes we need to create a Local Account for the final recipient for a computer that is being imaged and not joined to a Domain. A specific Interview Question page for this use would be Perfect as the Workflow would fall in line with what you've already created with SmartDeploy. But if that's too much work.. or not acceptable, allowing us to customize our Own Interview Questions page by Proxy with variables would be most helpful. Thanks
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