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  1. Yea same here using domain credentials. This all seemed to hit the wall after I sent out a package to install sdclient on my endusers.
  2. Tried it. Still popping up on me but not as bad So aggravating and support is not helping out on this at all. just upgraded to x.x.2030 and made the changes, nothing
  3. What change were made in the beta?
  4. Hello Thowe. Will the x.x.2020 release of October fix this issue? There is nothing in the release notes. You and I cannot be the only ones having this issue.
  5. Where are the developers at? They are not posting anything where it may be related to.
  6. This has been an ongoing issue in previous releases. Another post said version 2.0.2010 was supposed to fix the issue. Asking the customer for the logs is a waste of time. Please get this repaired ASAP as school is right around the corner and I am experiencing this also.
  7. Hello, I get an Out of Memory error when opening default ppk. I do not get the error when I open individual ppk's Any ideas
  8. I figured it out after a long weekend. What I wanted to happen was a preimage task to wipe out all the factory partitions then apply image. I created a batch file called Diskclear.bat. In it I called a txt file called disk_wipe.txt Diskclear.bat had the following "diskpart /s X:\Windows\System32\disk_wipe.txt" disk_wipe.txt had the following. Select disk 0 Clean Create partition primary size=200 sect partition 1 active format fs=ntfs quick create partition primary format fs=ntfs quick exit. When this runs it gives me the reserved needed and the rest of the disk is 1 partition. As you can see I called the "X" drive. I opened my existing " boot wims" with imagex part of the Windows AIK tools. I was able to mount the boot wims and copy disclear.bat and disk_wipe.txt in the system32 folder. I was also able to add a preimage task to the Smart Deploy XML file " cmd.exe /C X:\Windows\System32\diskclear.bat /s X:\Windows\System32\disk_wipe.txt Unmounted and commited the changes. I then replaced the wim on my WDS and was good to go. As soon as I stepped through the Smart Deploy Splash screen the preimage task kicked in created partitions and formatted. Hope this helps
  9. Get get it to call and run the pre image task. Getting frustrated.
  10. I ran diskpart from Shift F10 and got the pc to do what I wanted. Reading different sites it is recommended to create a command called diskpart.cmd that actually calls a txt file that has all your steps that would normally do manually. I tried to get it to run by adding a preimage task to call the diskpart.cmd. Tried it at the winpe folder and the Ethernet folder. Thanks
  11. Hello, I am not sure this is the place to post this. I want to be able to have SmartDeploy run Diskpart and wipe out any factory data and partitions. I would like to have the wipwe and load function run after that so it fills the whole partition with boot and system. Using recreate only fills the partition with the size of the VM. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. Jack
  12. My partitions are much larger then my image.
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