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    Image for Intel Compute Stick?

    Hello Esardinha, I'm trying to image a intel compute stick but im struggling to get it working, can you tell me if you succeeded and if so, how? im finding issues booting to usb USB plugged in, the intel computer stick doesn't give me any option to boot to usb, it just boots straight to Windows. Any help appreciated :-)
  2. resolver101

    HP Folio 13

    again just throwing more information your way. I've booted the folio 13 using the boot media and on the settings page -> hardware tab, there are only mini port drivers. on the network tab there are no network adapters displayed.
  3. resolver101

    HP Folio 13

    Just throwing some ideas out here and letting you know some of the hardware we have at our disposal to try and speed this process up: The HP folio in question has : - wireless but RJ45 slot. How would we connect the machine via wireless? - No internal CD drive - We have a External DVD writer (iomega dual format USB 2 drive) - We have spare USB disk drives - We also have USB memory sticks or pens (not sure what you guys call this type of storage) -
  4. resolver101

    Platform packs for

    Would you create a platform pack for sure or is this just a maybe?
  5. resolver101

    HP Folio 13

    No, the media was configure with a single platform pack and I couldn't see the drive. I'm based in the UK and our working times and time zone differences means we can only answer after 4pm (we finish work at 4PM - sometimes 4:30) and then its the first hour you guys are open. To prevent this going on for days, could you list a few things for us to try please and ill get back to you with the answers?
  6. resolver101

    Platform packs for

    I'm new to smart deploy and I'm looking for platform packs for the following machines? HP 630 Notebook PC (we have 7 of these machines) HP Pro 3305 Series (we have 11 of these machines) I've looked on the Smart Deploy platform page and cant see them listed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. resolver101

    HP Folio 13

    I'm new to smart deploy and trialing the demo but i cant find the wim file. I've ran the build wizard, capture wizard, media wizard, downloaded the platform for our test machine HP Folio 13. I've now got the USB media with the wim file on and can boot on our HP Folio 13. However, Smart Deploy fails to mount the drive (or the portion of the drive) with the wim file on. If I start the same USB media on a HP 4540, I see the wim file located "f:\z". I would also expect to see the same drive on the HP Folio. The image was setup as a single platform pack. I've also just tried a mixed platform pack and still no look. I'm using smartdeploy version 1.1.2010. On the plus side, an image worked straight off on our HP 4540's and HP 610s.