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  1. Hello, I captured an image from a Windows 10 1703 64-bit reference computer. When I deploy (through WDS) I get the message "SMARTPE (32-bit) is required to deploy a 32-bit image". I know for sure that the reference computer is 64-bit, I created a Smartdeploy 64-bit media to boot and I use the latest version of Smartdeploy. I have no problem to deploy a Windows 10 1607 64-bit image. Can anyone help? Thank youi! Maarten.
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick response. No anti-virus software is running on the machine. I have send you console.log. Best regards, Maarten.
  3. Hello, Since a while downloading platform packs using the SDE Console fails. Everything appears to go well (I get no errors), but the size of the PPK file is 0KB. I can download ppk's when I go to the Smartdeploy website. I am using SDE 2.0.1050. Thanks for any help, Maarten.
  4. Hello, I'm checking out the SmartWIM tool. I would like to use the tool to automate the capture of several VMs into one WIM. First I'm trying to capture one VM. The command I use is smartwim /capture L:\Smartdeploy\VMplayer\win2012r2sEN-00 deployOS.wim "W2012". The command runs succesfully. When I open the WIM file that is created with this command during the Deploy Wizard, I cannot select an image name. The dropdown list is empty. Now I wonder if what I do is possible with SmartWIM? And if it is possible, what am I doing wrong? Thanks already for helping. Best regards, Maarten.
  5. Hi, Thank you for the quick reply. No anti-virus software is installed, not on the image nor on the host. Best regards, Maarten.
  6. Hello, I installed a VM running Windows Server 2012 R2 and captured an image using the Smartdeploy Capture Wizard. When I deploy the image I receive an error: The .WIM file you have selected does not appear to have been created with the Smartdeploy Capture Wizard and cannot be processed. Please select a .WIM file that was created using the Smartdeploy Capture Wizard. Any suggestions? Thanks! Maarten.
  7. Hello, I have an image that I can deploy without any problems. So far so good. Recently I ran Windows Updates on the reference VM and captured a new image. This new image cannot be deployed anymore. I get an error during sysprep generalisation phase. In logfile setuperr.log I see "failed to enumerate pnp drp files 0x5 gle=0x00003f0". OS is Windows 8.1 Enterprise. Any suggestions? Thank you! Maarten.
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