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  1. Well, I finally figure out how to do it. It supports our remote support tools as well - Bomgar, I also tested with RMM software vendor Naverisk's remote desktop tool, works with Java Interactive VNC. Here is a screen capture:
  2. Is there a way to auto-run task/script after Media Create Wizard?
  3. We want to try inject optional packages into SmartPE, so it will run other program. Where can I stop SmartPE to launch SmartDeploy Wizard.
  4. We want to show a HTA menu when SMartPE startup and maunally launch SmartDeploy Wizard as an Menu Item. We have BYOD(PC,Android,Mac,Phone,Tablet) policy, staff connect to VPN and RDP connect to Virtual Machine assigned to them. Staff PC may have different version of Windows, we need to run some test program in SmartPE like memory, hard disk drive and virus/malware scanning before apply image and USMT. We also need SmartPE to execute a .exe after network is up and running(Remote desktop client).
  5. We would like to run a few programs depend on .net in SmartPE, just wondering if it is possible? And which version of WinPE is SmartPE based on? Can we add additional Component Packs to SmartPE?
  6. How to run a program before SmartDeploy Wizard. We have a few programs would like to run before SmartDeploy Wizard. What is the best way to achieve this?
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