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  1. Dear All, The problem occurs on win7x64 Lenovo X250 notebook,there are two error after deployment begin (Fig1) and in progress sysperp (Fig2). Fig1 Fig2 But we tried no this problem occurs in different model of DELL 9020,990 and Lenovo notebook x220,x230 240, Also no windows image changed and Is it cases from PPK problem?
  2. Hi All, in capture wizard, showing the error which not join support to join domain , we have been dis-join domain , also display the error ask below, what is the problem on this case ? Thanks
  3. Dear All, Since Lenovo X1 no internal lan port please add lenovo usb to lan cable driver in ppk for boot media in smartdepoly URL as below. http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds030606 THANKS
  4. Dear all, In my case ,we created with answer file and booting in the PE , its pop up "please specific an image file and type network path then insert the account user name and password." In my answer file already input those information anything I can do to solve the problem.Thanks Here my answer file. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <smartdeploy version="1.1" version_debug="1.1.2010"> <deploy_wizard mode="Unattended"> <welcome skip="0"> <hide_options_button>false</hide_options_button> </welcome> <select_image skip="0"> <image_file>\\ABC019\temp\SD\win7x64_SD_V6.wim</image_file> <image_name>V6</image_name> </select_image> <disk_options skip="0"> <!-- 0 = Recreate drives, 1 = Wipe & load drives, 2 = SmartMigrate --> <disk_option>0</disk_option> </disk_options> <product_key skip="0"> <product_key /> </product_key> <end_user_license_agreement skip="1"> <accept_eula>false</accept_eula> </end_user_license_agreement> <user_information skip="0"> <full_name>XXXXX</full_name> <organization_name>XXXXX</organization_name> </user_information> <regional_settings skip="0"> <time_zone>+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi</time_zone> <input_locale>English (United States)</input_locale> </regional_settings> <display_settings skip="0"> <resolution>Auto Detect</resolution> <color_depth>Auto Detect</color_depth> <refresh_rate>Auto Detect</refresh_rate> </display_settings> <network_tcpip_settings skip="0"> <ipv4> <!-- 0 = Obtain an IP address automatically, 1 = Use the following IP address --> <static>0</static> <ip_address /> <subnet_mask /> <default_gateway /> <preferred_dns_server /> <alternate_dns_server /> <preferred_wins_server /> <alternate_wins_server /> </ipv4> </network_tcpip_settings> <network_identification skip="0"> <computer_name /> <!-- 0 = Domain, 1 = Workgroup --> <membership>1</membership> <domain /> <domain_options> <option></option> </domain_options> <organizational_unit /> <organizational_unit_options> <option></option> </organizational_unit_options> <workgroup>WORKGROUP</workgroup> </network_identification> <join_domain_credentials skip="0"> <username>SmartDepoly</username> <domain>XXXXXX</domain> <password>Ge634yds</password> </join_domain_credentials> <wds_credentials> <server /> <username /> <domain /> <password /> </wds_credentials> <summary skip="0"> <hide_export_button>false</hide_export_button> </summary> <completion /> <advanced_options> <general> <platform_pack>\\XXXXX\temp\SD\DellOptiPlex9020-Windows7.ppk</platform_pack> <system_properties> <system_property enabled="1">DISABLE_SYSTEM_RESTORE</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">RESTORE_DRIVE_LETTERS</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">ENABLE_ADMINISTRATOR_ACCOUNT</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_CRASH_CONTROL_SETTINGS</system_property> <system_property enabled="1">PRESERVE_DESKTOP_ICONS</system_property> </system_properties> <reboot_after_deployment>true</reboot_after_deployment> </general> <identification> <!-- 0 = Assign a new computer name automatically, 1 = Use the following naming method --> <naming_mode>0</naming_mode> <naming_methods> <method>EXISTING</method> <method>WMI</method> <method>CUSTOM</method> </naming_methods> <custom_naming_scheme>A########</custom_naming_scheme> <prefix></prefix> <wmi_query>SELECT SMBIOSAssetTag FROM Win32_SystemEnclosure</wmi_query> </identification> <migration> <protected_folder>Backup</protected_folder> <virtualization_platform /> <create_desktop_shortcut>false</create_desktop_shortcut> <files_to_exclude /> </migration> <tasks /> </advanced_options> <settings> <active_directory /> <network_shares /> <proxy_server> <proxy_server_url /> <username /> <password /> </proxy_server> <session_id /> <unattend_delay /> </settings> </deploy_wizard> </smartdeploy>
  5. I also tried depoly lenovo x220 with x220 ppk (downloaded from smart deploy), also same problem. How can we solve this problem ?
  6. Hi All, May I ask the problem pop up after depoly the image / sysprep. before deploy the image the licence is fine. client computer has joined domain. Thanks all.
  7. WIFI not working after depoly image with lenovo x240 ppk We found that the WIFI driver does not work , lenovo X240 ppk downloaded from smart depoly site. Platform: Lenovo X240 , windows 7 x 64. Dear All, Could you please kindly assist the below problem ? After tried a deploy img to client pc (Lenovo X240) and we are downloaded a platform pack X240 from smart depoly site. We found that the WIFI driver does not work , Can give some suggestion on this case ? Platform: Lenovo X240 , windows 7 x 64.
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