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  1. Hi We are trying to re-image Dell Precision T7600 with the new Windows 10 image. After deploying the image, the machine seems to find the partition and start to boot into windows, but then fails and gives the following error: 0x0000001 - Inaccessible boot device We tried deploying the image to a different model (T7610, Latitude E7470, Precision M4800) and it's working fine. We are only having issue with Dell Precision T7600 model. I have attached the wmi file for your reference. Any suggestions? Thanks, Michael wmi.txt
  2. I have similar issue on a particular laptop model. However, when I used the OLD SD USB boot media it worked. I am also wondering if its the 64bit version which is causing the problem. any thoughts? Note: The new SD boot media works on the other laptop models we are using..
  3. I would like to know on which phase should we run/apply the windows sysprep/ WSIM answer file when deplokying the image?
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