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  1. Hello, Since updating to 2.0.3025 yesterday creating boot media is taking over an hour. Previously using 2.0.3020 using the same USB Stick and same laptop this took 5 minutes. We're seeing this issue on the 2 machines we've upgraded to 3025. Both machines are using a different memory stick. One install was a fresh install where smartdeploy had never been installed on that PC before, the other machine was upgraded from 2.0.3020 We're using all of the same options as we did previously, E.G. platform pack locations, Answer files and SmartPE 64bit FAT32 Any suggestions? UPDATE : To create a boot media it took over 3 hours. I've not tested it yet but my colleague who also took over 3 hours said her's works fine.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to change the platform pack library location? We have our platform packs and images on a DFS share replicating between our sites in the UK an the USA. Ideally i want to point it at the shared folder so it can update the platform packs and they then get replicated automatically. Currently i'm updating them on my local machine and then manually copying them to the DFS share to be replicated to our other sites. Thanks Chris
  3. I do see that in the pack i downloaded, however it didn't work when i tried it on Wednesday. I was in a rush for the machine so I've reverted back to the old boot media using out default pack and this worked fine. I'll try again with the new boot media when i need to image another one of these machines. Thanks Chris
  4. Thanks for the reply, It's the 8300 and Not the all in one pack i've downloaded. I re-downloaded this pack this morning (12th August) and i'm still receiving this error. I think we have a pack from Feb which we may be able to use. Thanks Chris
  5. Hi, I'm having issues getting our HP Compaq Elite 8300 machines to image since the latest update. Previously when all packs were in our default platform pack these machines imaged fine. Now we have moved over to having all packs in a specific location I'm seeing the following error "the postimage task t:\platform\bios\hpqflash.exe -s could not be found​" I've checked the platform pack and I'm able to see hpqflash.exe in there so don't believe it's an issue with the pack, however I've re-downloaded the pack to be sure and it's still giving me the same error. I've tried attended and unattended answer files and this has not made a difference. The boot media has been recreated a few times, specifically after re-downloading the platform pack. Does anyone have any advice on this error? Thanks Chris
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