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  1. Good question. We are having same issue. I need a unique name xxxx-Assettag. However, when creating the unattended\attended file, it hard-codes the computer name that i put in while creating the answer file!!!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the update. Could you please let us know the steps to point my existing differential images to the new base image. Thanks in advance.
  3. I made a clone of my gold image, (gold2) and now want the differentiating images to now point to the cloned gold image. Can\how do I do that?
  4. sta4402

    How to deploy image over network

    For the record, we were not getting an IP address. This was because we did not have a platform pack downloaded on the boot image. Once we downloaded a Platform pack, we were able to get an ip address and access the SD server where the image was located.
  5. I have successfully deployed images via USB, and it works fine. Looking to implement.....want to attach the SD 'server' to a switch, and then attach any workstation that we are going to re-image to that switch and re-image the workstations while the SD 'server' holds the images, PP, etc.... Problem is i can only get the workstation that we are wanting to image to the PE Environment from booting to SD USB. How do i boot a workstation to the PE environment so that it may access the SD server? Do i need to install DHCP on the SD server or switch. I am not using WDS, or MDT, just SD. Thank you (again)
  6. Are you able to preserve the c:\users\username\documents during re-imaging? Is this what the wipe & reload protected folder in the advanced options does?
  7. The platform pack (ie Dell latitude D620) OS selection is "Multiple OS pack" or "Windows Vista" Does "Multiple OS Pack" include Windows10? Please clarify, thank you.
  8. If I were to create a new offline deployment via USB, deploy a workstation with that USB. Will I be able to re-use the same USB to deploy to another workstation (assuming all hardware is the same), or will SD mark that USB un-usable?
  9. Attempting Windows 10 offline deployment on two separate machines via USB and getting the following error message on both machines. Sysprep was not able to validate your Windows installation. Review the log file at %WinDir\system32\sysprep\Panther\setupact.log.......
  10. Rufus rocks. Fixed my issue
  11. sta4402

    Offline Deployment

    Easy question here - Creating an offline deployment media. Is there a way to create the offline package to the local machine or some network drive vs. having to copy to a USB? My goal is to create a deployment package and send to an offsite so they can test.