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    Desktop Background image black

    I receive this when trying to access the file. The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  2. Greetings, When I deploy an image and use the User State Migration everything seems to come back except for two key features. The Desktop Background Image (or any Theme/Personalization settings) and any Applications Default settings do not come back. The files, folders, and many other application settings do come back without issue though. I am using the latest build for SmartDeploy, version 2.0.2097. I am deploying the image through SmartDeploy Computer Management. I am deploying Win10 v1709, but the issue is present in all Win10 versions I have tried. The Deployment log shows the user was migrated without any errors. The Server is running Server21012 R2 and is up to date with updates. I have the latest version of Platform Packs available for all test systems. This is the last issue that I have found that needs to be resolved before I can start deploying the latest images through SmartDeploy Computer Management so any help is appreciated. Has anyone else ran into this, or perhaps know how to fix it.