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  1. I managed to get this working. I downloaded/install newest smartdeploy version 2.0.3005. I then followed the manual installation of the NVMe driver pack on the reference VM (Win7x64) (link to forum post: ) Captured the machine, created new deploy media, returned the Target >> HP Z2<< to BIOS Default (UEFi Enabled) and booted with SD Image. Reboot found the M.2 drive (unlike before) and booted correctly. I am now Golden.
  2. howiedog

    NVMe Script

    Got this figured out via Support: If the script refuses to run (in my case) you can install these required file manually. As per below: ************ If the script fails to install the hotfixes (generally due to inadequate user permissions, or software interfering with the installation process), it is necessary to re-run each step of the process manually: 1. Reboot the computer. 2. Download the hotfix package from here: http://download.smartdeploy.com/NVMe.zip 3. Extract the .zip to the root of C:\, to create a folder called C:\NVMe. 4. Then assuming this is a 64-bit OS, browse to "C:\NVMe\NVMe\x64\ ", and double-click on Windows6.1-KB2990941-v3-x64.msu. It may say that it is already installed; this is fine. 5. Open an administrative command prompt, run each of these commands, and ensure that each one returns success: Dism /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\NVMe\NVMe\x64\Windows6.1-KB3087873-v2-x64\update-bf.mum Regedit.exe /S C:\NVMe\NVMe\x64\StorNVMeService.reg Regedit.exe /S C:\NVMe\NVMe\x64\StorNVMeCDDB.reg Copy C:\NVMe\NVMe\x64\StorNVMeDriver\stornvme.sys C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\stornvme.sys If each of these steps returns success, then reboot the VM one more time. After it reboots, then you can shut it down and capture it. ********** END I hope this helps others. Cheers
  3. howiedog

    NVMe Script

    Aha.....I am pretty sure thats what I had asked in the first place. Did I not??...YES I did. That could have saved me an 1-1/2hr of twiddling my thumbs and sending in a Support Request. Thanks for finally clearing that up.......Better late than never I suppose. ******* 20 min later******** EDIT:. SAD SAD SAD, No Difference after running from elevated cmd prompt. 20 min later and its still spinning its wheels. CPU grinding away sucking 85%...no end in sight. No pop ups saying complete of NOT complete......NOTHING.??? Support has not checked in yet...still waiting on my Ticket. I am going to assume this DOES NOT WORK as its supposed to. I have now wasted over 2 hours trying to instal what I though was a simple file. OMG....starting to loose faith in SmartDeploy.
  4. howiedog

    NVMe Script

    Ok..Thats fine...but is there something to let me know when its done the install...how do I know?? So I guess the answer is...NO?? There is NOTHING to tell me when this install is completed?? I am now 24 min in...wscript still running...along with makecab cpu steady at 81-88%.. And...I will ask the same question to be sure: Dbl click "install" to run or run from CMD or elevated CMD? Shall I continue to wait?? EDIT: 30 min in...still running....yippie... EDIT: now 35 min in.....and this script is STILL RUNNING??? Ho Hum.... EDIT:......now 43 min.....and still running...like the Energizer Bunny but in a BAD way. So Obviously this script is pooched or something is amiss. I will create a Support Ticket as there seems to be nothing coming back to me in this forum post. Maybe Support will understand what I am asking about Thanks. EDIT: now a HOUR and a HALF....and still running. No Support yet from Support. I am in LIMBO.
  5. howiedog

    NVMe Script

    I looked for an answer to this but found nothing. I am attempting to install this NVMe Script, on an image I have been using for some time, Win7 x64 and wanting to update this image for new devices that are now coming with M.2 drives etc. Question: How do I know when this "SCRIPT" is finished installing completely?? Is there supposed to be a popup message or something?? I waiting for about 15 min as my mouse flashed the hourglass, taskmagr showing wscript running.....makcab running...cpu at or near 100% for 10 min... At this point I gave up and rebooted, tried recapturing image...getting same message about not having NVMe files loaded. Also, I just dbl clicked on "install" vbs file, or shud thus be run from CMD...or Elevated CMD?? Thoughts??
  6. I am in the same situation too. HP Z2 Mini G3 (6th Gen CPU) BSOD with same code. Win 7 x64 Pro Platform Pac. Image had deployed fine on HP Elitedesks, Z200, 8200, 8300, Laptops...etc. I hope is has nothing to do with these having M.2 SSD media and not a physical drive? Anyway , multiple attempts and I have a dead box. No way to recover since deployment wipes the recovery partition. Going to continue to work on this, but will be watching this thread too.