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  1. Couldn't send via email. Firewall blocking files. Here they are! diskpart.scr Deploy.log
  2. Just updated our imaging sticks (we do usb sticks for imaging new computers) and Smartdeploy shows "Cancelling" during image deployment. Then an error "An error occurred while applying the image" Any thoughts? I am recreating the SD image now to see if I just had a bad file... thanks, Steve
  3. Strange Issue. We had a lenovo M800 tiny that had its motherboard replaced due to failure. Now when trying to reimage it, SmartDeploy doesn't know what this system is. During imaging, the model reads "Lenovo Product" and not the actual model of the system. Is there somewhere I can tell SD what the computer is? Maybe it is in the BIOS somewhere. I will check. If not, what is my best course of action? thanks!
  4. I noticed this and will try it out. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hi. When deploying the newer Lenovo T460S on a dock with multiple displays, we get inconsistent flickering of the drop downs and buttons in the display driver when trying to select items such as Display (1 or 2 or 3), Resolution, Identity etc. We have tinkered with Lenovo driver downloads and have been able to solve the problem but don't know how to if possible, repair the driver pack. Or is that done at your level? thanks, Steve
  6. Hi. Need Windows 7 platform pack for a Lenovo M800 and only Windows 10 is available. Will that work with a Windows 7 image? I know probably not but thought I would ask to know for sure. If not, what are my options?
  7. We have the ISO and performed a clean install but none of our vol lic Win7 keys are working to activate it. If I understand this correctly, a clean install requires a new license key but I am not positive about that. so I have no update. If anyone has seen this before and have a solution, please let me know. I may try again with the win7 to 10 upgrade and perform the shutdown as Support suggested above and see how that goes.... Thanks, Steve
  8. More of a comment than a question. Last night I left the office after kicking off creation of a new USB deployment stick, Well come in this morning and it had imaged the very computer it was created on, even though the platform pack for this particular computer wasn't on the stick. So I lost my SD installation. More of a learning experience than anything else. Since I am storing all my images on another drive, I was spared the thought of hanging myself this morning. I think from now on our USB boot media will not be configured for automatic deployment :|
  9. I can do that. This was a Windows 7 to 10 upgrade. I will go with the straight 10 ISO and report back. Thanks for the tip...
  10. Hi all. New to SD and have successfully been deploying to Dells and Lenovos just fine but now have the need to start with Windows Surface Pro 4 tablets. Using USB media to test, imaging fails during the Provisioning disks process with the message "An exception has occurred" and stops. This makes the Surface un-bootable. so I need to do a Surface "recover" routine to get it working again. These Surface Pro 4's have 8GB and 250GB SSD (not that it matters) and I have the proper Surface Pro 4 platform pack on the USB drive. The USB media was created using "SmartPE (64-bit) [uEFI/Legacy boot, FAT32 media] -- I tried using Legacy boot only and that will not boot the Surface at all. Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve
  11. Hi, we are using USB media to image a number of machines and need to add a platform pack for a machine that wasn't meant to be imaged at time of USB creation. Can we simply download the pack and place in the Z folder on the USB stick and rerun SmartDeploy?
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