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  1. leeharrison.nomical

    sys prep options

    Great thanks
  2. leeharrison.nomical

    sys prep options

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering whether there are any option built into smart deploy to not disable the local administrator account. Im trying to run a psexec script as a task as part of the deployment and its failing due to sysprep disabling the administrator account. Thanks, Lee
  3. leeharrison.nomical

    Error when capturing an image VHDX

    Ignore this I have managed to fix it, it seems the VHDX wasn't cleanly closed down. The Image is now capturing.
  4. leeharrison.nomical

    Error when capturing an image VHDX

    Hi, I have successfully completed this task before but I am now trying to create a second image and now I'm getting error CaptureVirtualDisks.Capture returned: 1392. The File or directory is corrupted or unreadable. The Capture machine still boots in Hyper-V Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. leeharrison.nomical

    CaptureVirtualDisks.capture Error

    Hi, When I am capturing a reference machine I have copied my VDHX into the reference machine folder and chosen this from the capture wizard. When the wizard is capturing an image I am returned with the error CaptureVirtualDIsks.Capture returned: 161. The specified path is invalid. Has anybody else had this issue and can anyone please help? Thanks, Lee
  6. leeharrison.nomical

    Capturing image failing

  7. leeharrison.nomical

    Capturing image failing

    Hi, I'm attempting to capture an image in Smart Deploy and I am getting the error asking to upgrade the kernel and user framework drivers. When I download the KB's the VM informs me that there no applicable to this system. Has anyone else this issue and does anybody have a fix ? Thanks, Lee