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  1. Why are there no platform packs for so many modern machines? For example, I have many Intel NUC5i5RY models with 16GB RAM and SSD drives, that will happily run Windows 10 and are supported however,I cannot use Smartdeploy to deploy to these because the only platform packs are for Windows 7 (so with no platform back, after network deployment starts and the machine loads SmartPM it has no network and thus cannot deploy). This is just one example of the limits we are running into with this software. Support is frequently not helpful and seem like they are just in a hurry to get you off their back. Anybody else having similar issues?
  2. I see there are platform packs for the Intel NUC models NUC5i5RY and NUC5i7RY. I have many devices that are the NUC5i5RYH / 5i7RYH and am not able to deploy to these machines. There are very minimal hardware differences. Has anyone been successful with these models? It seems the platform packs should work, but alas they do not, in multiple tests. Thanks. N