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  1. I had to rebuild my server (server 2012 R2). The rebuild whacked the C: drive but the D: drive is just as it was. I keep all the SD files on the D: drive, Deployment packages, Platform packs, answer files, all of it. I can see the files, they are still there. SmartDeploy is not able to see them. I changed the directory (in SmartDeploy) under the "General Settings" to "D:\SmartDeploy", which is where all this stuff is. Nothing changes. How do I import the old files back into the new SD installation? It is a local drive on the server. Thanks! --Rob
  2. ichibanrob

    Media creation over network

    It has been 10 months since this thread was last touched but I am wondering if there is an update on this subject. I have our SmartDeploy (server) running on a remote server, running Server 2012. I RDP to this server to do all my work. The physical box is currently running on my bench but I am getting tired of the fan noise in the office. I would like to move it to the data center which would also allow us to connect UPS power. (which would have been great this winter as we have had a lot of power outages) But, the data center is about 1/2 mile away. I would really like to be able to have a solution for something like "RDP enabled redirected USB SmartDeploy support". RDP redirection of the USB drive does work but it is seen as a network device and SmartDeploy Media Wizard doesn't support that for creating USB deployment media. Is this something that we could talk you into doing? Thanks! --Rob @ Libraries in Clackamas County