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  1. This is just a inquiry for some information or a video if possible. I know that Smart-deploy can deploy windows 10 to any platform in Bios/Legacy mode and there are numerous videos on this process. Is there a video out there that shows deploying an image in UEFI Native Mode? If there is please share the link/site with me. I have tried everything possible to deploy to a HP 1040 G1 with UEFI Native with secure boot enable. No issues with deploying to Bios/Legacy Mode. This process works like a charm.
  2. I am having an issue with deploying windows 10 x64 Pro update 1607 to a PC with UEFI Native mode with secure boot enabled. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. If i am not mistaking, USMT has been or is being integrated with SmartDeploy. Is this integration base on the upgrade or refresh scenario? From the looks of it, it is base on the upgrade scenario where the user is keeping their pc but windows is being upgraded from win 7 to win 10. Would it work in my case since I will be replacing the old PC's with new ones?
  4. Does anyone have a link to smartdeploy migration from windows 7 to windows 10 webcast on September 20th. I missed it and it is not up on the Smartdeploy youtube channel. Thanks, Anthony
  5. Do I also need to enable SecureBoot? For deployment to work?
  6. I am getting the following two error when deploying to the HP 1040 G1 with UEFI enabled. The two error are, Fail to provision one or more disk and an exception has occurred. I am able to deploy to the same pc in legacy mode but get the above errors when deploying in UEFI. I check the drive with diskpart and the following partitions were created, Recovery, System, Reserved, and Primary. Is there a link to a video or instructions on deploying to UEFI ready PC?
  7. In order for me to deploy to a UEFI ready PC, do i need to create a removable drive instead of a DVD disc. I need this to work with WDS. Creating a USB boot option is out of the question. If i change it to DVD disc is UEFI deployment not supported anymore?
  8. I will be upgrading 30 users in the spring of 2017. The deployment will be to EFI enable PC. From what I understand EFI image capture is not supported by SmartDeploy. I was inform that SmartDeploy can be deploy to a EFI ready pc with a standard Bios image. My question is, Has anyone done this? If you have can your share some information on how this is done? Since there are multiple partitions that will need to be created EFI, MSR, Primary, recovery partitions for EFI enable PC's to work. Do I have to create the EFI needed partitions before hand or stop my deployment and create the partitions and start it again? If this can be automated it would be even better. I am going to keep working on this and will share my findings.
  9. That was my first thought, I removed all files of old image this includes all answer files associated with the old image. I event created an new VM that i am capturing from. Recreated the Answer files and still it deploys the old image. Not sure where it is pulling this old image from.
  10. Need Help!!!!! I created an image when we were still demoing SmartDeploy everything went great. Now that we bought SmartDeploy I deleted the old image and capture a new updated image and upload it to WDS. But when i deploying it is still deploying my old image, again this image has been deleted from WDS and SmartDeploy server. How can i resolve this?
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