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  1. Hi, I'm seeing the same thing having just applied the latest windows cumulative updates to v1909. I will do as you suggest and report back. -Barry --------------------------- After following the procedure above and re-capturing the reference machine, I was able to successfully lay down the image. Thanks!!
  2. Hi there, Can I do an in-place upgrade from 1703 to the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update (1709) on my reference VM (Hyper-V) and then deploy that to clients? Or, do I have to start from scratch with 1709 and create a new reference VM with 1709 as the base image? Thanks, Barry
  3. Hi there, I guess this is a feature enhancement request. I think it would be useful to be able to apply a platform pack to an existing device without having to image it. It would be a helpful way to get drivers updated on a device. It would be cool if you could double click on the platform pack and it would update all the drivers. Additionally, it would be equally cool to be able to send out the platform pack via the console so you could update drivers on your remote devices without having to image the device and wipe everything out. Just a suggestion. Thanks for listening. Barry Weiss
  4. Hi there, if you'll recall, when Windows 10 Anniversary update (1607) came out, the VM reference image had to be rebuilt from scratch. In other words, we could not upgrade our existing image to 1607. Do you know with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update, if that will be the case again where the reference image will have to be rebuilt from scratch or will we be able to upgrade the reference image to the Creators update and be able to use that with Smart Deploy? Thanks for any info you can provide. -Barry
  5. Yes, the same credentials work on smartdeploy.com and deploycentral.com. They work in the enterprise console, they just aren't remembered between sessions.
  6. Hi, When I run the smartdeploy enterprise console (v2.0.2030) and sign in, making sure to check "Remember me", every time I re-start the console, I have to re-enter my credentials. Thanks, Barry
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