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  1. Is there anything in the pipeline for enabling capture of UEFI machines in Smart D ?
  2. ok, thanks. So how do i get around this? In order to install my Win10 OS, i need to set my VM (VM workstation 12) to boot to UEFI. Booting to BIOS prevents the VM from booting.
  3. Hello - for various reasons to long to mention here, i have 2 vmdk's created by a non Smart Deploy trained user. Ive brought these into VM Workstation. On trying to capture the image, i get an error 'Capturing guid partiton table virtual disks is not currently supported' IS there anyway around this? Either via Smart Deploy or VMworkstation 12 ? Im not able to convert the vm disk to mbr as its a system disk. If i change the VM to boot to BIOS, this fails, as mbr cant be found, Only boots to EFI. Any idea's ? Do i have to rebuild my images - hope not . . . . Windows 10 image VMWorkstation 12 Smart Deploy 2.0.2050
  4. Hello, Just created a new VM for a new image.The Vm works fine, and vmdk file created as normal. When i try to create an image with SmartD, i get 2 errors 1) Unable to mount the virtual volume , swiftly followed by; 2) The system cannot find the file specified. I saw an old thread suggesting file path length could be a factor, but i have moved the vm to another location, with reduced path length. No changes have been to Smart Deploy, I last captured an image, from, same file path, just 2 weeks ago. Smart D version - 2.0.2020 , licensed Any assistance would be greatfull
  5. markjs

    Cant deploy to a Dell XPS 13

    I am also having this exact same issue with Dell latitude 7370. I've just upgraded to latest version with no change. One thing I noticed, the Dell has 4 partitions, and when i tell smart d to recreate drives (which should delete all partitions), the 4 partitions are recreated after imaging. I've used a Windows boot USB to see this. So possible work around is to boot the laptop with my windows USB boot disk, delete all partitions, then select 'wipe and load drives' when imaging with my smart d usb. I'll try this when back in the office. Smart deploy admins - any news on a patch for this ,it's going to affect my up coming deployment big time
  6. Hello, I want SmartDeploy to assign a new computer name at deployment. I have selected the option for this in the answer file wizard>advanced options>identification , yet when the image is deployed the PC retains its original name. I created fresh answer files to no avail. I suspect, maybe wrong, that this is causing issues with the computers SID, ie, its not changing. Its like SmartD is not syspreping properly, or something. I dont know, im lost. Its having a knock on effect i think with the machines getting GPO's. Any thoughts, pointers etc welcome.
  7. Hello - our smart deploy directory is on a network share (just testing this for now, going well) but when trying to change the settings for the location of this, SmartDeploy only gives me a drop down, pointing to my local drives (where the directory was held previously) - there is no option to browse or type. Licensed version 2.0.1080 Any ideas' ?