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  1. Lee

    W10 1709 Deploys as 1607?

    I meant from within the image. Importing the machine into the reference machine library seems to get stuck at 3%...
  2. Lee

    W10 1709 Deploys as 1607?

    Looking under my reference machine library tab it shows the OS as 1607. I am re-importing that VM now. Is that a step I missed?
  3. Lee

    W10 1709 Deploys as 1607?

    That's what I thought too. I even deleted the old images from the WDS server but I'll double check it. Do you know offhand where I could tell within the image what the Windows version is by chance?
  4. I never did say thank you, so thank you!
  5. Am I just missing something here? SDE v 2.0.2097 VirtualBox based image of Windows 10 Enterprise updated to 1709 no snapshots Deploying Image using WDS When I deploy the image it all goes OK but when I check the version of Windows it is at 1607? I've tried re-imaging about 5 times, have captured the image with the VM powered up and down to no avail.
  6. Will do, thanks. Do I need to do anything with the install image pack?
  7. NIC drivers not loading on boot image Only WAN Minport and MS Kernel Debug NICs listed under hardware nothing under Network tab in settings The ppk file has the following NICs listed e1d64x64 in Win PE e1d65x64 listed under Windows 10/ Drivers/Ethernet but windows lists Intel I29-LM and ThinkPad OneLink Plus Dock Ethernet What am I missing?