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  1. We are now having issues deploying images to computers via network deployment. The error simply states that there was an issue, and then the deployment ends. All I have to go by are these logs, from which I cannot seem to decipher what the issue is. Deploy.log
  2. I cannot capture an image from a Windows 10 VM because I get an error that says the OS appears to be running updates. This is not the case. Windows 10 is up to date on the VM, and I have restarted the VM multiple times as has been suggested on other topics. I've even gone as far as to reset the W10 update components on the machine, but still have had no success. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I keep getting an exception trying to deploy an image to a Surface Pro 4. I've tried deploying over the network, on a usb, without an answer file and even without any platform packs but the result is the same. Help would be appreciated. I've attached the log if it helps. Deploy.log
  4. I'm trying to set up our workstations so we can deploy images via the SmartDeploy Remote Image Deployment. As per the instructions, I've edited the script provided to locate the path to the installer (Which I put in the SYSVOL folder on the DC) and the SmartDeploy Enterprise host. I've created the GPO to run the script at startup, and as a test I've linked the GPO (and enforced it) to a test OU containing a few workstations. However, the SDE Client isn't being installed on those workstations even when I force an GPupdate and restart the computer. I know the script works, because it will install the client when I run it (although a UAC prompt occurs). I know the GPO is applied to the workstation, because it shows up in RSOP. Yet, the client does not get installed. I'd appreciate any input on this issue. Thanks.