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  1. We upgraded our SmartDeploy install to 2.0.3050 and everything was good. Then we started our Windows 7-10 upgrade project. - When trying to use the USMT capture on some of our older clients SmartDeploy helpfully told us we needed to upgrade to a different client version for the USMT functionality (2.0.3035 I think?) and that's where the problems began. The server we used for our initial installs using smartdeploy no longer exists, but when trying to install the latest client using an MSI, it fails as it can't find the installer from the original location. - So it doesn't update. So we tried pushing the Installer via a GPO. - it updated our Win10 machines, but not the win7... - update fails. Then, in an almost last ditch effort first - All machines with an agent version earlier than 2.0.3050 were removed from the SDE Computer Management console. Then - All of the offending workstations, the SDE server, and domain controllers were rebooted. but even after days, the win7 machines haven't shown up in the console. Is there a script / Command I can run to purge all traces of the old agents, so the new agent can install, which will allow us to USMT all the things, and get this project back on track? The error it throws is 1714 the previous version of smart deploy could not be removed. contact your technical team. Help me DeployCentral! you're my only hope...
  2. Hi Glenn, I was working With Allen, who managed to change the migapp.xml to make the relevant change per my research, I followed his instructions on how to update our SDE install, plugged in our license info, and recreated the Network Deployment Media. - I tested an upgrade and the chrome bookmarks migrated successfully. Top work! Cheers, Sam.
  3. Guys / Gals, It's been a while, so i'm trying to remember the fix that worked for me. - I seem to recall the issue was either due to a. my answer file containing a network drive mapping for the image that mapped to the root of a drive eg: \\server\x$\Images_directory and the fix was to recreate the answer file changing the mapping to use the sharename eg: \\server\SD_Images Or b. The image was Win10 v1703, and the version of SmartDeploy on our imaging server didn't fully support deployment of v1703 images. - The fix for that was upgrading the version of Smart Deploy Enterprise. I don't have the email chain, so I can't say for sure, but those I recall.
  4. Glenn, after some research, It seems it's possible to change the migapp.xml to allow for the migration of chrome bookmarks via usmt. however, I don't know where to insert the relevant code to make it work via smartdeploy. Is there a way to make the relevant changes to migapp.xml via smart deploy?
  5. We're using SmartDeploy to facilitate our migration from Windows 7 to 10, After creating the relevant answer files, images and deployment media I tested our planned strategy using a test laptop. - It didn't migrate the users bookmarks from Google Chrome. - Is there a way to include chrome bookmarks in the migration phase?
  6. ok, I tried that, still the same error. - I even went so far as creating a new answer file, a new iso incorporating the new answer file, and uploading the new wim to wds, deleted and recreated the multicast and I still get the same error
  7. I know this is an old topic, but i'm getting a similarly cryptic error when trying to deploy an unattended image via wds. my error code is 3240165637 it boots to the wds session ok, provisions the disks, then on the next step, deploying the image I get the error code. have I missed something somewhere?
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