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  1. I have updated to the latest build and when I try to download a platform pack, it never downloads and all I get is the following in the screen grab below. I have set the region setting to English/US like in some of the other posts but still it never downloads. I left it to download over the weekend and still all I see is just the ppk.download file shown below. I have checked the permissions for the folder and my account has full access to it.
  2. AlexS

    Smart Deploy Enterprise Error

    The account I run on the 2012R2 server is my domain account that has administrator rights. I do not know if that will make a difference. Also I am trying to think of everything so if this is not the case for you, we can keep trying.
  3. AlexS

    Smart Deploy Enterprise Error

    Wanted to follow up with the resolution I found for this error. I went to the Services (Local) and found the SmartDeploy Enterprise Console service. I double click the service to bring up the properties, clicked on the Log On tab and then checked the Allow service to interact with desktop check box. I restarted the SmartDeploy Console service and restarted the software. After this, I no longer received the error.
  4. I have recently rebuilt my Smart Deploy setup. I am current using a Dell Precision Rack 7910 workstation and Windows Server 2012 R2 as the operating system. With help from Tech Support on 21 Feb 2017, I got the software installed and also have got all the data moved to the new workstation. Now when I log into the Smart Deploy Enterprise software. I get the following error, Unable to connect to the SmartDeploy Enterprise Console service. I click OK and get the next error [HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer] Arguments: NotFound Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. Thanks for any help.
  5. AlexS

    HP ProBook 645 BSOD

    To resolve the issue I had, I removed the VMWare Horizon View Client from the image and it now works correctly. Sorry for the delay in this reply.
  6. AlexS

    HP ProBook 645 BSOD

    Thanks for the reply. I use this same image on other models of laptops we deploy and it does not cause those models to BSOD. The only VMware product on my image is Horizon View Client. Could that cause the issue?
  7. After the image is applied using USB boot media, all the HP ProBook 645 G1 laptops I image blue screen on 62% of installing devices. The blue screen shows hcmon.sys and after the reboot, Windows states it cannot complete the install and wants to restart by clicking an OK button. It continuously loops this message. Thanks for any help. Using SmartDeploy Enterprise 2.0.2010