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  1. Eric

    Windows 10 Not Capturing

    I also have this error, but have been capturing Windows 10 ver 1607 without difficulty until I updated SmartDeploy to version 2.0.2030 Also, the ISO I'm using does include 1511 in its filename.
  2. Hello, I'm having a peculiar issue. I've a VM that I've captured an image of and the its size is under 10 GBs. I found that some small apps were missing; installed them and captured the image. The new image was still under 10 GBs. Found that the VM need some configurations modded. Did that and captured another new image. Over 13 GBs in size! These are all new images, not differencing, or over-writing, existing images. I've tried compacting the VM and clearing temps and log files, but I'm still getting the much larger file size. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Thanks, Eric
  3. Eric

    Cant deploy to a Dell XPS 13

    I've had this problem as well; I contacted SmartDeploy Support and was provided more recent versions of the bootmgr and bootmgr.efi files. I suggest contacting SD Support as they may have newer versions of the files. Also, with I've received exception errors during image application that has been resolved by inserting a USB Ethernet adapter - it does not need to be connected to the network.
  4. Eric

    Cant deploy to a Dell XPS 13

    Just as an FYI, getting this issue on a Dell XPS 15 with the latest version of SmartDeploy v2.0.2020 I checked the SD website, and that is still the most recent version of the software.