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  1. Yeah, I was afraid of that, though I did have a weak hope of it being a feature I had overlooked, since the User Migration setting already use USMT. Maybe it should be a requested future feature to incorporate that fully in the later SD updates?
  2. Hi, We are about to replace some fifty PC's in our company, and I was wondering if it's possible to use SD to migrate user data (and hopefully the applications we do not provide as standard in the image) from one PC to another?
  3. BB IT

    Deployment isues

    Nevermind. Tried it again on a different PC and different UPD port, and now it just works. The IT gods works in mysterious ways...
  4. BB IT

    Deployment isues

    Hi, I'm having a weird issue when deploying an image. I have a clean Win 10 image that has been through the SD mill, and can be deployed with no issues. Then I have the same image after installing my software, but whenever I try to deploy it I'm asked to specify the network path, and manually choose my new image. Both images have the same settings in the answer file and during the media creation. I have triple checked the credentials. The only difference is that my first image was created before I upgraded SD to version 2.0.3000, while the other was created today. What gives?
  5. Everything works like a charm now. Thanks for the help, and have a good easter.
  6. Hi Glenn, Thank you for clearing that up. I was going nuts here as I was pretty sure I was doing it correct. I have updated our SmartDeploy server, and will test it out later.
  7. Hi, The short version: I need to cross reference two different deployment media. The long version: I have just been rehired into my workplace after being away for two years. Back before I left I set up an MDT server for automatic deployment. My replacement (and whom I replace) set up SmartDeploy based on my MDT configuration (I like it a lot more than MDT so far). We also went from MAK activation to MS 365 E3. So I have an already functioning deployment pack that isn't 100% compatible with E3 deployment (I can get it to work through workarounds, though). But I want to create a new deployment pack and no matter how I setup the pack, I keep running into the "One or more required services are not running" error when deploying. I'm not sure if it's my setup or simply the image I built it from that's the issue. So I need to know if it's possible to see exactly what settings a specific deployment pack was set up with? I'm Sorry if this has already been covered on the forum, or if I missed it in the manual, but I've been a bit short of time, since I need to get this up and running ASAP along with other assignments.
  8. BB IT

    Cant deploy to a Dell XPS 13

    Same problem here with Dell Latitude E5570... running v2.0.2020