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  1. I tried installing that NVME patch on the reference machine and created another image but still get the same BSOD after imaging the laptop.
  2. I have tried with just KB2990941and with both KB2990941 + KB3087873 but the images made with either of those configurations still have the same BSOD.
  3. Hi, I have 3 HP EliteBook 1040 G3 laptops that I have tried to image with Windows 7. Every time I tried to image one it would appear to image the computer normally but on the first boot up after imaging the system it will bluescreen when you see the Windows logo come up on the screen. The BSOD error code is 0x0000007B which has been the same error after every try. I have tried a number of things including: Building new boot media Updating Platform packs (as well as deleting the platform pack and re-downloading it) Image with different image files Updating the BIOS on the laptop Rolling back the Laptop BIOS to an earlier version I will also not that these Laptops have SSDs and were able to image and boot fine with a Windows 10 image. I have also tried installing the KB2990941 Hotfix on the Windows 7 reference machine and creating a new image but it ends up with the same error. The systems can install Windows 7 from a disc without problem but I have not yet been successful with imaging. Please advise on what I should try next.
  4. Never mind, it looks like SD is auto-prompting me to download the ADK for Windows 10.
  5. I am trying to reinstall SmartDeploy to fix an issue. What version of Windows ADK does SmartDeploy currently support. I see two for Windows 10 and one for Windows 8.1. We are currently running a windows 7 environment. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/windows-assessment-deployment-kit Thanks,
  6. I am trying to Capture a virtual machine built with Smart Deploy 2.0.2020 in Oracle Virtual box 5.1.14. I have a basic virtual machine with only Windows 7 64-bit Professional with all updates. Whenever I try to capture an image I get an error that reads: CaptureVirtualDisks.Unmount returned: 21. The device is not ready. (see attachment).Smart Deploy error.docx I have tried it with and without Antivirus installed on the virtual machine with same result. I have made sure the virtual machine is off and is not part of a domain. I have tried builds from two different Windows 7 ISOs. Can someone help me out?
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