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  1. Just sent the log file over
  2. I've tried it on a older image that I upgraded from 1607 to 1703. Then I tried it on a brand new image with a 1703 iso and nothing else installed. So far it has happened on two HP Probooks and two Dell Optiplex 3040s.
  3. Every image I try to install with the Creators update I get this error message during deployment. "Windows could not finish configuring the system" please reboot the computer. I've tried using a upgraded image from 1607 to 1703 and also a brand new 1703 install. Both give me the same error. If I just use the 1607 image it works great. But with building new machines I would like to start with the latest updates installed on Windows 10. Does anyone know a fix for this. Just as a test I didn't install any other software on Windows 10 before deployment.I'm also using the most recent version of smart deploy.
  4. DeployTech

    Question about network deployment

    Everything works fine with the PlatForm pack I created when I deploy using a thumb drive. It's just the network deployment. I didn't include Windows PE drivers so I'm trying that now. I'll post back if that works.
  5. We just bought quite a few Pansonic CF-54mk2 toughbooks and Smart Deploy only has Platform Packs for Windows 7. The laptops are Windows 10. So I made my own Platform Pack but I'm having a issue with Network Deployment. Once it boots to the Deploy screen it never gets a IP address. The software can't reach out to the Smart Deploy server because the network connection isn't working. So I'm assuming this has something to do with the Platform Pack or drivers. I only setup the Platform Pack for Windows 10. Am I missing something while creating the Platform Pack?
  6. In the past we had ~50 XP laptops that did not have internet access or network access. So I was able to create one primary image then just swap the hard drives out if a drive went bad into any of the ~50 computers. So basically every computer was identical. We had 8 spare identical hard drives. Now these computers are being replaced with Windows 10, Internet access and joined to the domain. I don't really think just swapping the drives out will be possible anymore or could lead to problems. Obviously since they are joined to the domain they will at a minimum need different computer names. Has anyone tried this, found a way for this to work or found any other problems with it.