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  1. Everything works fine with the PlatForm pack I created when I deploy using a thumb drive. It's just the network deployment. I didn't include Windows PE drivers so I'm trying that now. I'll post back if that works.
  2. We just bought quite a few Pansonic CF-54mk2 toughbooks and Smart Deploy only has Platform Packs for Windows 7. The laptops are Windows 10. So I made my own Platform Pack but I'm having a issue with Network Deployment. Once it boots to the Deploy screen it never gets a IP address. The software can't reach out to the Smart Deploy server because the network connection isn't working. So I'm assuming this has something to do with the Platform Pack or drivers. I only setup the Platform Pack for Windows 10. Am I missing something while creating the Platform Pack?
  3. In the past we had ~50 XP laptops that did not have internet access or network access. So I was able to create one primary image then just swap the hard drives out if a drive went bad into any of the ~50 computers. So basically every computer was identical. We had 8 spare identical hard drives. Now these computers are being replaced with Windows 10, Internet access and joined to the domain. I don't really think just swapping the drives out will be possible anymore or could lead to problems. Obviously since they are joined to the domain they will at a minimum need different computer names. Has anyone tried this, found a way for this to work or found any other problems with it.