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  1. I keep having this issue when trying to cold capture my image. There is no antivirus software installed on the image so I'm not sure what would be causing the error. I have attached my capture log. I am able to do a warm capture without issue but is more time consuming and would like to solve the issue with cold captures. Capture.log
  2. I've created multiple offline deployment images without incident however, I ran into an issue trying to create my latest offline deployment. When I get to the portion to select my answer file, I will select what I need and get the message "Do you want to update your answer file with this image" question. I will choose either yes or no and then it goes no where. It will stay at this screen forever. I can hit Next a million times and it doesn't push forward. I looked at the logs but didn't see anything stopping it. So I am at a loss at what the issue could be. My console is up to date and I have created a new answer file to test and this is also a brand new image. Thank you!
  3. I'm unable to attach the log file here as it is too large.
  4. How can you get the Computer Management screen to stop showing duplicates of computers? I'm not sure how it's registering two of the same name PC's and then it will constantly pop up stating "An entry with the same key already exists".
  5. We have the M.2 SSD in the 7050s. Would you be able to update the platform pack for the Dell 7050 for the NVMe drive?
  6. Most of our terminals in our business run on static IP and are required a static IP to work with another application. Is there a way to do remote deployment that holds the current IP to the new OS install when we run a deployment without having to make 800 different answer files with each and every static IP? Thank you.
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