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  1. DevinM

    Network Share Add Error 67

    Hey Thank you for your quick response however, I have tried with hostname and with IP and both ways I get the same error. I know they are both on the same subnet and I have tried pinging. I am able to ping the deploy machine from the PE but the SmartdeploySrv cannot ping the image target. I thought might be a firewall issue, so i disabled the windows firewall, same result.
  2. Ok so here is the situation. I haven't purchased the License yet to this service because I wanted to make sure that it would work, so I took an old computer i7 2nd gen, 12 gb ram, stock intel board. I installed Server 2012R2 (ill refer to this as host from now on) and then installed the Hyper-V role and created another windows server 2012r2 (SmartDeploySrv) image and I also made my reference machines on the host. It has all worked super smooth until now. I was able to make the reference machine and capture their image and download the ppk for the machine and I even configured it with WDS and can PXE boot to the WIN PE. Now I have tried to add the network share booting from the flash drive and also PXE boot. Both times I had a valid IP address in the corner and when I go to add the share I get Error 67. I have the right credentials. I am not in a domain so the creds are local credentials for the SmartDeploySrv. I got it to work with the offline installer and that is fine but I don't want to have to create a new flash drive every time i want to image a different machine, so I know it is not an issue with the machine. Any Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. DevinM

    Deployment issues

    I also am receiving the error 67 when I try to add a network share. I am booting pxe so I obviously am not having an issue connecting to the network because it boots the Win PE just fine. I have also tried this with the thumb drive boot media and had the same result. Any ideas or suggestions would be very helpful.