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  1. Update 2 Changed BIOS settings as follows: Boot Sequence: Onboard NIC (IPV4) ENABLED Boot List Option: UEFI ENABLED Advanced Boot Options: Enable Legacy Option ROMs DISABLED / UNCHECKED Secure Boot Enable: ENABLED Still nothing works. Get the same error: unable to update the disk or filesystem boot code
  2. So I did some testing this morning, and this still does not work. When booting in UEFI mode, we are not given the option to PXE boot. This is only available to legacy boot options. Please advise
  3. Thanks for responding. Will check the BIOS setting tomorrow. I should note, however that we are booting via WDS PXE, not USB. Also to answer your question about image creation, I captured it from a blank VDI created by Virtual Box using the Smart Deploy "Activities " menu. No changes were made to the VDI after creating a local account and logging in.
  4. When trying to apply an image, we are getting the following error: "unable to update the disk or filesystem boot code" I have run diskpart on the drive to clean it, and create new partitions, but it doesn't help. Anyone seen this before and know what to do ?
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