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  1. It's not super happy news, but It's definitely the only way to go. This happens with other imaging software too like Dell ImageAssist. It's not a SmartDeploy bug- it's just how Windows behaves when you attempt to capture and then sysprep from a VM that has done a major Windows upgrade.
  2. That's correct Ron. You need to make a new machine with a fresh 1809 install.
  3. I can confirm making a VM with a fresh install with the 1809 ISO allows sysprep to succeed during the image deployment process.
  4. The Windows 10 1809 update hasn't been re-released to the public yet (it's currently on the Windows Insider ring I hear) so I doubt we are going to get a SmartDeploy update until after that.
  5. It looks like Microsoft has temporarily pulled the 1809 update from Windows Updates due to some pretty nasty bugs.
  6. To my knowledge a Hyper-V UEFI VM can only be made with the generation 2 VM, which I've read is not supported by SmartDeploy. Is there some workaround to make a UEFI image that I don't know about? Or is it just not possible with Hyper-V?
  7. Thanks for the reply! Good to know I wasn't doing something wrong. I don't think a new version of SmartDeploy has been release since I've become a customer. Is there a way to get notified? Or does the program auto update?
  8. Today I started attempting to draft my first Windows 10 Creator's Update image. I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft. I usually create my VM in Hyper-V 1st generation. I decided to start as simple as possible with my image just to make sure I could deploy the literal basic install of the new version of Windows 10. So I left the VM disconnected from any network and simply installed Windows 10 Creator's Update successfully. Everything was fine. I then booted my VM to the SmartDeploy .ISO capture/deploy environment and successfully captured the .WIM to a network drive. After the .WIM was captured I stayed in the SmartDeploy .ISO capture/deploy environment and began to deploy the image I had just captured from the VM to the VM. The deployment finishes and the VM restarts to begin Sysprep but fails with the message I am attaching as an image to this post. (I will also attach the log the Sysprep error message refers to) After closing that message the VM restarts into Windows and I can see the login screen- then suddenly the screen just goes black and stays that way indefinitely. I can CTRL+ALT+DEL and that functions, but basically Windows is just broken and not going to work for real. TLDR has anyone else tried to make a Windows 10 Creator's Update image yet? I would love any tips to make this work. OR is there something actually happening here to prevent me from making an image of the new update? setupact.log
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