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  1. Differencing Disks - How, What, and Why?

    Thats a good point, yeah you will have to make your differencing image again if you modify the master wim
  2. Differencing Disks - How, What, and Why?

    I am trying to use it right now for the purpose of have a base image that is updated and deploys everywhere, but a differencing image that has adobe cloud creative suite apps installed., which would take the techs a long time to do after imaging, and the way our license is we only want to use it on a couple of labs at each site.
  3. unable to update the disk or filesystem boot code

    turned out the platform pack was corrupt and deleted and re-downloaded it and it is working now
  4. Feature Enhancement Requests

    Hi, I am happy with smartdeploy so far, great tool. I have a couple of enhancement and features requests as i am sure others do as well. 1. To be able to change an image description after capture 2. to be able to use the drop down menu in the deploy wizard for differencing images of the same image. 3. wim to vmdk conversion tool. 4. operate deploy wizard without mouse 5. Advanced custom tasks per image 6. Centralized Technician Console on a server, and a client to connect to it from workstation. (makes it easier for multiple techs to use) If I think of some more I will add them inline.
  5. Differencing Disks - How, What, and Why?

    When deploy a differencing image shouldnt that be selectedable from the Image name: drop down menu?, what is the purpose of the drop down menu if it only has one thing in it?
  6. unable to update the disk or filesystem boot code

    I am also having trouble using smart deploy on a latitude 7480, one smart deploy boots in legacy mode from pxe, i cannot select anything and there is no mouse control
  7. Images Name in Library Bug

    I'm pretty sure I didn't use the VMware easy install, but there was a significant update to windows 10 and maybe that caused it. In which case I'm sure others may have the same issue.
  8. Images Name in Library Bug

    It was just created in VMware workstation 12, just by using a iso to install windows just as you would baremetal nothing custom done. Should I try to fix the partitions?
  9. Images Name in Library Bug

    here you go
  10. Images Name in Library Bug

    sent info in pm
  11. Images Name in Library Bug

    Yeah that was like the first thing i tried. Console.log SmartDeploy.log
  12. Images Name in Library Bug

    I am having a bug where one particular image in my library keeps showing a hashed name instead of the simple image name. Imaging still works fine, just some weird bug and was wondering if anyone else had this or new a way to resolve it.
  13. Got this error while trying out WDS deployment

    I also had the same error when trying to use WDS with multicasting, but when just using the unc path without multicast i can image.