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  1. I'm pretty sure I didn't use the VMware easy install, but there was a significant update to windows 10 and maybe that caused it. In which case I'm sure others may have the same issue.
  2. It was just created in VMware workstation 12, just by using a iso to install windows just as you would baremetal nothing custom done. Should I try to fix the partitions?
  3. here you go
  4. sent info in pm
  5. Yeah that was like the first thing i tried. Console.log SmartDeploy.log
  6. I am having a bug where one particular image in my library keeps showing a hashed name instead of the simple image name. Imaging still works fine, just some weird bug and was wondering if anyone else had this or new a way to resolve it.
  7. I also had the same error when trying to use WDS with multicasting, but when just using the unc path without multicast i can image.