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  1. The first image I created with Smart Deploy was a vanilla install of Windows 10 Professional x64, where I didn't perform any image customization or run my own sysprep (no need to copy the default profile, etc) and I even had the issue in that case. I first used VirtualBox to create and capture the reference VM, and switched to Hyper-V in order to rule out the virtualization software as a possible cause of the issue, with no luck. Some digging on the internet indicates this may be a problem with sysprep and Windows 10, and not a problem specific to Smart Deploy, but I haven't managed to find a resolution to the issue yet.
  2. I've been evaluating Smart Deploy and have run into a persistent issue with any Windows 10 image I've created from version 1703 (Creators update). Everything works fine in the VM I use to capture the image, including a CopyProfile unattend.xml, but whenever I deploy the image to a new VM or machine, any user receives multiple notifications indicating "an app default has been reset." I am using the current version of Smart Deploy: 2.0.2050. This issue would cause a problem for us, help desk calls will probably increase and deploying an image with these problems doesn't look well for the organization. The latest process I used to try fixing this problem is as follows: Installed Windows 10 x64 Pro to a Generation 1 Hyper-V VM Disabled the network connection for the VM After installation, entered audit mode Customized the default profile Used group policy to turn off Microsoft consumer experiences (candy crush etc) Used Powershell to remove some UWP apps (ran both remove-appxpackage and remove-appxprovisionedpackage commands) Ran sysprep with an answer file that had the CopyProfile directive Booted into OOBE and created a default user Shut down the VM and captured an image Created offline install media on a USB drive Deployed the image and platform pack to a test machine The user created in the reference VM receives the notifications A new user account was created, that account does not receive the notifications We may be able to deal with the notification issue if it only occurs for the account created on the reference image, but it may still be a problem depending on how we create images to deploy to our users. I will update this thread if I figure out a solution to the issue, if anyone else has this issue I would appreciate any advice.
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