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  1. Hi, Im still having failure to start up issues after auto reboot on dell 7050 and 7040. Black screen swirling dots change to a square box and then failure to start message offering restart only. Can you advise the correct bios settings for uefi no secure boot. also do i need to check the uefi/secureboot checkbox in the wizards? Kind Regards
  2. hi should the build vm be activated, it wasn’t so i have activated and i am capturing a new image. i will confirm the product code when i build the new answer file and deployment pack. if not required please remove the product key in the logs from your records. is there a post install task command i can use to change the product key prior to the activation task? kind regards
  3. Hi, your image did deploy so I have rebuilt the image but get a different sysprep error. Looks like product key install failure. Can you please confirm and advise? Logs attached Kind Regards W1011413.Logs.zip
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply. If you could provide a clean image for me to test with that would be great. The only concern is that my image deploys ok on other hardware. I am already building another image but i am now having issues importing the image to smartdeploy. It is saying to do a shutdown /s /t 0 which I have done with elevated cmd prompt but makes no difference. I am using VmWAre workstation pro v15 BIOS and also tried UEFI boot Single VMDK Once gold image is built I am taking a clone and completing the build on the clones for different. Installing updates and base software. Using that to import from. Is this the correct process?
  5. Hi, i am still having issues deploying to Dell optiplex 7050 and 7040. Setup fails to complete. After the final reboot the system blue screens and cannot continue. Only option is recovery and safe mode is not allowed during install. This is a new from ISO 1803 enterprise image created on VmWare workstation 12. Minimal updates and no software installed. Platform pack is 1.2.6 (latest). same image deploys to other models (dell 9010, 9020) with no problems. Is there a driver issue with the platform pack? I see dell have released custom chipset drivers are these included in the latest platform pack. can this be confirmed? Are there any smartdeploy or windows logs that I can use to determine the error? Kind Regards
  6. hi, thanks fir for the reply but this was built directly from 1803 enterprise iso. any other option before complete rebuild? kind regards
  7. Hi After deploying W10 1803 version the turn windows features on or off is broken on all desktops. Just returns a blank window. This feature works fine on the master image running on VMware workstation. Are there any known errors or has anyone else had this?
  8. Hi cannot deploy image to dell 7050 unless I remove the update bios step in the platform pack Anyone else have this issue W10 x64 1803
  9. Thanks for the reply the target machine is on the same subnet. Net stat on both ends shows tcp connections are established between client and server. Other windows desktops are working but these are 7 and not win 10. what is the best way to securely upload the log files? can you advise the details which tcp ports are used between client and server for communication and deployment. Regards
  10. Hi heartbeat failures between server and client (win 10 ent x64) successfully deployed an image to a desktop but the heartbeat seems to be failing and any further deployments do not work. Traffic between the desktop and the SD server but will not deploy. I can ping the server hostname from the failing desktop and the workstation hostname from the server. no AV running, firewalls are switched both server on desktop. what is th best way to troubleshoot this issue? kind regards
  11. This is now resolved but I could only get this resolved by importing the vm into esx 6.5. Then perform a clean shutdown, copy the files etc. Now I can create a reference making and take an image from this VM.
  12. Hi getting an error saying registry files still in use. I have run the recommended shutdown command but the error remains and the machine does not import correctly. machine works fine in VMware workstation 12
  13. Hi, I am trying to get the deployed machine (windows 7 x64) to log on as local administrator after deployment. This is to activate windows and MS office and perform a couple of other post build tasks. I cannot store the password in plain text. I did see an article from 2013 explaining how to do this but the passwords were required to be entered in plain txt. Is there an alternate way to do this? Kind Regards
  14. Hi, I am testing the software and have successfully deployed to 3 models of machine. I am having issues when trying to deploy a windows 7 image to a dell 7050 desktop. The same image works for the other types of dell hardware. after image deployment it boots initially and updates registry etc. Reboots again and then Windows hangs at the starting windows screen. Does not start in safe mode either, it sticks and last entry is classpnp.sys. Looking for urgent advice on this issue. Kind Regards
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