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  1. Sorry that is not what I meant....I used PDQ Deploy to send out a job to install the SDE client, that's all. I then work with SmartDeploy to try and deploy my image. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I have installed the SD Client on the machines I want to image via PDQ Deploy. The machines show up under Computer Management in SmartDeploy no problem and not grayed out. I right click on a single tower and select "deploy now" Nothing happens. Logs attached. WIN7-026 7_6_2017 2_59_48 PM.log WIN7-026 7_6_2017 3_14_00 PM.log WIN7-026 7_6_2017 3_30_12 PM.log WIN7-026 7_6_2017 10_00_07 AM.log WIN7-026 7_6_2017 10_23_28 AM.log WIN7-026 7_6_2017 10_36_41 AM.log
  3. I am having the same issue. Is there a command line that can be executed on each target computer from PDQ Deploy (not group policy) that will tell each PC the Host name. I have copied the SD Client to all my target computers but I still have to remote in to launch the client and enter the Host name.
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