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  1. Can we at least have a task that run before we even begin the imaging process that reminds the techs? Like a popup message saying " make sure you unjoin". What about customising the boot.wim?
  2. Hello, Anyway I can unjoin a machine before imaging it? We sometimes reimage the same machine but under a different name depending on the department, which causes duplicates in AD. When we reimage and rename the same machine and join it to AD, it adds the same machine but under a different name. Can we run a task before the image is applied to unjoin the domain? Without asking the techs to manually remove the machine from AD before imaging? Something like: cmd.exe /C wmic.exe /interactive:off ComputerSystem Where name="%computername%" call UnJoinDomainOrWorkgroup UserName="ad" Password="password" The above command works in a normal cmd.exe interface when I run it inside windows. How can I do that through smartdeploy? --Yousef
  3. I am having the same issue. You will have to go back to the boot options and turn legacy method ON. I will post a new thread to see if I can modify anything (answer file, etc.) in order to have the image automatically boot without this issue.
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