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    Windows 10 Version 1703 Sysprep error

    I have been having the same issue as well. Please let me know what the resolution is. Thanks
  2. Ok so i was able to update smart deploy, re capture, recreate my boot media and import into WDS. I now receive an error stating that "the platform pack location does not contain support for this computer manufacturer, model and operating system." I have been deploying these machines over the last month with no issues regarding platform packs. Kinda not a good place to be when you have to image 18+ machines before the end of the week.
  3. Only thing plugged in is a keyboard and mouse. I will try a reboot with no devices plugged in. My smartdeploy app is version 2.0.2050 I am going to try updating to 2.0.2080 and recapturing again.
  4. Im having a bit of a strange issue on a new image i am rolling out. After smart deploy finishes its deployment, windows displays a "Just A Moment" message as if it is finishing updates. I let a machine run for about 2 hours yesterday and nothing changed. I tried again this morning with a fresh capture and Media, but the issue still persists. Has anyone else ran into issues with deployments since the creator update recently? Background information: The image is a windows 10 post windows creator update deployed with WDS. I copied the VM from an existing image and made a few changes and ran updates. I rebooted and checked for updates a few times to make sure that the VM has no pending updates and is ready to be captured. I have captured the machine 4 times so far using smartdeploy bootable media and the normal smartdeploy application capture mode. The only difference between the new and old images is windows updates. Any idesas? Thanks