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  1. I am getting a message midway through a capture that is saying that it can not capture the image due to a virus or unwanted software. I scanned the image for viruses and no where detected. I would also like to add that this exact same image was captured no less than a week ago. Ideas on why this is occurring? Capture.log
  2. Turns out when I came back to work on Monday and to create a new thumb drive it worked. I did attached the media.log file. I was having the issue on 4/13. Maybe someone could shed some light on what was happening on 4/13. Media.log
  3. I am trying to create a thumb drive using the offline media tool so that I can image computers that are wireless or not directly connected to my network. In the past I have been able to create thumb drives using this method. This time I am getting a error that says "Unable to copy the image file. Media Wizard will now close" . The thumb drives I am using have been formatted numerous times using different methods and file formats. I have also tried it with different thumb drives. Any ideas as to why I am now unable to create a thumb drive?
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