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  1. Yes, I downloaded straight from the portal, and tested it out to make sure it's working before I shut down. I will re-create my image then. Regarding the MS apps (Photos, Store), what do you think about uninstalling them first, and reinstalling once the computer has been imaged?
  2. Also, another thing I found is that Office 2016 now reports an error. Whenever I try to launch any of the Office 2016 apps, I get the error, "This App can't run on your PC."         206.458.7080  
  3. no I am not using the Copy Profile switch...
  4. I am having this problem with the new version of SmartDeploy. I've done a reinstall of SmartDeploy, made sure all the Windows updates and Windows Store updates have been done, restarted the reference computer a couple of times, restarted the WDS server, and still no go. If I try to sign in using a new account, the apps pop up (greyed out). When I click on it, it looks like it is installing (with a white progress bar), but it never starts nor finishes. Any help would be appreciated...