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  1. Thanks for clearing that up Glenn. We will proceed with using the attended install. Thanks Stephen
  2. Thanks Jeff. I have managed to get them downloading now. It looks like it could've been a proxy issue. I am going to raise another post to see if anyone knows the URL's that need to be bypassed in our PAC file. Thanks again. Stephen
  3. Hi all, Very new to SmartDeploy and just going through the trial. So far I'm very impressed. So intuitive and easy to use. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that when a machine is deployed, the machine name (network identification) will number the machines from 01 upwards. E.g. COMPUTER-01; COMPUTER-02, etc. When creating the answer file, I add the hashtags at the end (COMPUTER-##), ut the numbers seem to be totally random, rather than sequential. Hoping someone can help out with this. Thank you. Stephen
  4. I am having this issue too. The Platform Packs aren't downloading (showing 0KB) so I need to know why this might be happening.